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Discover Your Unique Style Muse With The The Four Pillars Of Style. 

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Join me LIVE from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you have an Internet connection as I take you through the key steps of my stylist technique to learn The 4 Pillars of Style so you can learn to confidently show up as a success. This Free Master Workshop Will Show You:

Style Pillar #1

It’s critical to present yourself in the best light when you want to be seen.

Your look is you. 

It’s what people instantly see when they meet you. 

Confidence in your success is contagious, spread the joy and it will pay you back tenfold.

Style Pillar #2

To make your journey fun, I’ve imagined the Four PIllars of Style Muses to act as your chic avatars to guide you in your self-discovery to your next best style step. 

Your look and presence are in harmony with how you are perceived.

Style Pillar #3

Your personal style can span from bohemian to corporate, but no matter what, it needs the polished chic touch to shine. 

In business and in your personal life, it is how you show up when you want to be seen. 

Style Pillar #4

When you do make the effort to be present in your presence, real shifts happen in your life, in your business and in the lives of the people who depend on your help. 

Looking relevant + modern in your appearance echos that you are the same in your appitude and essence.. never dated, dull, or what was I thinking moments.

Sharon Haver: Fashion + Style Expert

Fashion Expert and BusinessSharon Haver teaches fellow entrepreneurs, speakers, and business folk to look their best in a way that’s relatable so that they can be on top of their A-game to earn and deserve six-figure pay days.

You may know her as the style entrepreneur and founder of, where she’s been sharing her fashion stylist tips online since 1999. 

Sharon’s new book StyleWORD, Fashion Quotes For Real Style is the stylist express for high-impact style and fashion advice that gets to the point. Her podcast, 7 Days to Amazing helps women who crave to find a way to be their most amazing self but often grapple with where to start or how to possibly find the time to make the effort. The podcast series lightens the load and elevate your personal victories.

Just as style is a sum of its parts, having an amazing life is well-balanced in all aspects from your style, your business, your beauty, your world… it all comes together in a way that best reflects your true happiness and success.

Sharon entered the styling profession because she felt a boost in her self-confidence when she dressed in a way that not only flattered her figure but created a rich look on her modest budget. She wanted to share that feeling of personal triumph with others rather than the fantasy that she was creating on photo sets...

...because her heart is with the everyday person, like you and me.

Sharon shared her behind the scenes insider tips and tricks in her Scripps Howard News Service fashion advice column that was distributed to 400 newspapers each week.

The print column in combination with her B.B.A. degree in Marketing and entrepreneurial spirit lead the way for bootstrapping, now in its 17th year online... way before the job description "fashion blogger" was ever coined.

All this has brought Sharon a wealth of opportunities including starring as herself in her own national Macy's TV commercial and headlined in an anthology lifestyle book alongside other writers like President Jimmy Carter and Gloria Steinem.

As a fashion and style expert, Sharon has been featured in hundreds of television, radio, print, and online media such as Real Simple,, Martha Stewart Radio,, ELLE magazine,, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, WebMD, Disney and many more.