STAR Power Flash Kit - It's time to start the movement of you!

Positioning IS the new currency.

You can stand out in a crowded market while being the best at being you!  

I call that stepping into your authentic STAR Power.  

The FREE Star Power Flash Kit guides you through exactly what you need to create a stunning celebrity style personal brand that sets you apart from the masses.  

1. Discover the shocking truth about why some folks don't make it no matter how hard they work.  

2. Download a custom style guide to elevate your image to new heights.

3. Get 1on1 help getting you and your business get out there with a Bonus STAR Power First Impression Session.  

Step into your Authentic STAR Power... 

It's time to start the movement of you!

I want you to own your authentic STAR power so you can live the life that others dream about.

The STAR Power Flash Kit is the whole shebang of curated resources and exclusive bonuses to help you be the best at being you!

Hello, my STAR

I truly believe that in the busy visual world we now live in, we all deserve our right to stand apart from the crowd to be seen in our most lucrative light.

We all have our individual ways to shine but sometimes, even the most brilliant stars start to get so overwhelmed that they lose touch with who they are and how they stand apart in a crowded world.

Don’t worry, I don’t want you to get overlooked. 

I had my team waive the price of these immersive Insider's kit to give you all the free tools and resources you need to start to redefine your personal+ professional image and begin your celebrity business brand training. It is a taste of what is offered in our premium services.

Once you say YES to yourself by clicking the optin button on this page, you will immeadiately find your first curated goody waiting in your inbox. 

Over time you will receive emails that provide more exclusive treats bundled together so that you have the groundwork to succesfully get you and your business out there!

I can't wait to see you shine!



What you receive in the kit:

The Video Library: Success + style expert videos for women entrepreneurs helping you and your business get out there!

Access my video page library with the best of my Youtube how-to videos to help you elevate your life, business and style! 

You will find way over 100 -- and growing -- how to, informational, and actionable videos that I created with you in mind.

The videos are organized by type so you can easily binge out on what you need when it comes to business tips, productivity advice, style advice, behind the scenes, expert interviews, the whole she-bang! You'll receive curated "crib-notes" directing you to specially selected videos to steer you on your star power journey.

The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast Expert Selects

Each episode of 7 Days to Amazing is a conversation with noted thought leaders, celebrities, motivational mavens, fun fashionistas, marketing masters, and career catalysts who share tips and strategies on how to live your most amazing life so you can trigger a game plan to kickstart how you show up in the world to live the life others dream about.

It would be like choosing a favorite baby, but I've curated a few key episodes with guest experts for you to tune into. Just as style is a sum of its parts, having an amazing life is well-balanced in all aspects from your style, your business, your beauty, your world… it all comes together in a way that that best reflects your true self.

THE FOUR PILLARS OF STYLE eBOOK BONUS! What would it be like to be ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with your idol? Feel confident that you can pull yourself together, just so? Have the ease elegance to blossom in the luxury of simply being you?

I created The Four Pillars of Style so you can discover your muse to guide you to be your best self. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind, opulently designed gift based on my three decades of style business experience capsulized into simple nuggets to guide you to show up as a success... and leads you to even MORE special gifts from me. 

Exclusive access to the FocusOnStyle Insider's Clubhouse

A private Facebook group for you to share and connect with the community of like-minded stars all wanting to elevate their life, business, and style.

Community members get early access to livestreams, giveaways, new programs, and more! 

 Bonus STAR Power First Impression Session! 

Understand why what you have been doing isn't working and be clear on the next best action to take with a One on One Bonus Call (limited availability).

Apply to book a call and tell me what you want. I’ll tell you how to reach your STAR Power.

Sharon Haver: Style Expert + Business Success Strategist for women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Why you should listen to me…

All my tips come from my real world professional experience.

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a business degree in Marketing and a graduate of an extensive amount of business and personal development programs and high-level masterminds, my advice is based on how I successfully run my online business since 1999. 

Previously to be being the founder of, I was a well-known New York fashion stylist on major photo shoots for 15 years, where I styled everything from Vogue covers to advertising campaigns for cheesy products that I made look so good that you would actually want to buy them. 

Empowering everyday women to think like a stylist to confidently dress themselves to shine was a dream so I pitched a syndicated column where my fashion advice was distributed to 400 newspapers each week on the Scripps Howard News Wire. 

No stranger to being media-friendly, I have been featured in hundreds of press outlets as the go-to expert such as Real Simple,, Martha Stewart Radio,, ELLE,, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, WebMD, Disney,, and many more. 

I have even starred in my own national Macy’s TV commercial and headlined in an anthology lifestyle book alongside other writers like President Jimmy Carter and Gloria Steinem.

The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast are conversations with guest experts, celebrities, and thought leaders including Carson Kressley, Alison Levine, and Joan Juliet Buck to help you make your life, business, and style even more amazing in the next week.

Author of StyleWORD, Fashion Quotes For Real Style , the stylist express book for high-impact style and fashion advice that gets to the point. I am creator of The C’est Chic Crash Course, Simply Amazing Headshots, and other personal development programs along with VIP One on One celebrity business brand training for small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs.

I have been my own boss since I left my first “real” job at a press release distribution agency.

My well-seasoned career boils down to getting your message out there from a variety of ways.

I have a love/hate relationship with tech and find running a successful online business just as fabulous as a new pair of shoes or what your font says about you. 

Helping you and your business get out there is my passion. 

Business is in my blood, style just happens to be my beat.

I speak my truth and go after it, let me lead you to do the same.

"Sharon was spot on with her recommendations in ways that enhanced my appearance while complementing my sense of myself.

I got lots of “wows” and jaw dropping looks when I showed up for an important speaking development event after my first program and consultation with Sharon. No way that would have happened without Sharon’s expert guidance and support!"

Dr. Pat Buchanan, Movement Improvement Expert, Speaker 

“After working with Sharon, I not only can dress in my own taste for my brand, but now I know that I should because it will actually help build my brand - and I get to enjoy my style even more!” 

Nicole Isler - Coach for Sensitive Souls + Speaker,

"Sharon helped me find the classic look I was going for with my brand. 

It makes me feel good to be in front of people when I am excited about what I am wearing.Because when you aren't happy about the way you look, you dont want to be in front of anyone."

Amy Morrison Hewel - Health & Lifestyle Expert,