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    Giorgio Armani fall / winter 2010 fashion show for the New Chic Collection at Milan Fashion Week

    Fashion Show Photos / Runway Collection

    Womenswear Collection

    Fall / Winter 2010-2011
    Milan Fashion Week

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    fall fashion show photos

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    Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani Giorgio Armani

    In their Words…


    Autumn/Winter 2010-2011


    Times change and change brings with it a new concept of chic: an indefinable attitude and mood that is not limited to the eternally reliable black skirt and white shirt, but explores nuance and shade, and interplays and contrasts, which define an unmistakable style and taste. In The New Chic, nothing is vague, approximate or uncertain – instead all is precisely stated in shape and colour, proceeding from plain black to a world charged with the vigour of coral red and Tibetan orange.

    Recurrent themes of the collection include the toque , cut from tiny strips like a fringe, and a short but elegant silhouette, never abrupt and rigid at the hem, but with an A-line that is always fluid. This shape is perfectly demonstrated by the cape over a dress and the hip length caban.

    Purity of line prevails throughout. There is a precise approach to shape, which is best exemplified by the new jacket with natural but square shoulders, fastened by hooks at the side to create a soft wave effect.

    Eveningwear is sleek and consequently highly sophisticated, enriched by embellished fabrics, jewel embroidery and buttons like brooches. It is a bravura display of cut and the interaction of shapes. Often the pieces are luxurious and impeccable on the inside: see the cashmere lining for the velvet jacket, and the flesh coloured version of this, with its bustier design to partner the dress with a petal collar.

    The New Chic continues the narrative of Armani elegance; every aspect of the detailing is of fundamental importance and shows how Armani

    Published on August 26, 2010

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