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  • How to Look Chic, Not Cheap. Paris Hilton in a Hot Pink Bikini OR When Paris Isn’t Always Chic

    Two blondes, two Chanel classic flap bags, two red carpets, two cities… what in carnation went wrong?!

    Cardinal Fashion Rule #1: Just because you are wearing expensive things does not mean that you cannot look cheap

    I am the first to admit that we kinda love Paris Hilton for being the modern day Charo when it comes to hoochie-coochie styleŚ someone needs to be kooky colorful on the red carpet and it may as well be her.

    But as a fashion plate? Not so much.

    For all you label queens out there, sorry to report that looking chic is not always in the bag, no matter how luxurious that handbag may be.

    Marie-Josee Croze in Paris looks stunning and chic

    Marie-Josee Croze in Paris looks stunning and chic

    In this how to look chic, not cheap sampling, it is a Chanel classic flap bag worn two very different ways with very extreme results.

    Case in point: We have Mademoiselle Too Many Things in one of her more contrived red carpet poses toting a neon pink Chanel classic flap bag. She is wearing it with a matching bikini at a Las Vegas event this weekend. That alone is a bit much.

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    Then we have the French Canadian actress Marie-Josee Croze sporting the same classic bag at the Chanel fashion show in Paris (the city not the celebrity)- she looks elegant, gorgeous, classy, and smart.

    Why?The power of simplicity is what keeps Croze’s outfit chic gorgeous, and most important classy. A well-cut LBD, sun-kissed highlights, chic hairstyle, glamorous yet natural makeup, natural skin color, and yes she is wearing all one color, but the color is neutral black, and her bag is a shade of black for interest. Her peep toe pumps make perfect sense to be paired with a fitted sheath dress. The total look exudes intelligence, authority, modernity, and elegance.

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    Grab the elements of the chic style of Marie-Josee Croze:

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    Paris Hilton working on the red carpet in Las Vegas

    <h2Why NOT.Then we have Paris Hilton fronting like the precursor for the ôJersey Shoreö or in her case the ôwhen in Vegasö look. The problem is what Hilton wears in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas, it infiltrates the scores of tacky wannabes.

    When it comes to the blonde bombshell stereotype– if that is the look that you desire– one needs to convey a sense of irony; to own the ability to have fun with that clichÚ. Pamela Anderson is the perfect example and it works for her. She doesn’t come across as a ditz, she comes across as Pamela Anderson, period.

    However, with Paris Hilton it looks like she is trying too hard to be too many things and the result is just confusing.

    The Good: I do love her Christian Louboutin Studio 120 studded pumps– it’s hard to admit that they are not fabulous. Then the Chanel classic flap bag in neon pink is another fantabulous accent- emphasis on accent, not screaming matchy-matchy.

    The shoes are fantastic on their own…


    The Bad: Put too many fierce accents together and you get one hot mess. There’s the fake hair color and dated obvious extensions that overwhelm her delicate features, the weird fake tan skin color, the oversized white sunglasses that look like they were snatched from Elton John‘s closet, the matchy-matchy neon pink bikini and cover-up sarong mini.

    I’m still trying to figure out why you would wear studded pumps and a Chanel chain strap bag with a bikini, even if you are Paris Hilton at a Vegas pool party.

    It’s all too many screaming elements in conflict. Paris doesn’t ôownö her blondeness, she looks like she owns a haul from a luxury mall. Not good.

    In this label-crazed society, it is not what you wear but how you wear it. It’s not about what something costs if you make it look cheap. It’s not about the individual pieces but how the sums of the parts look. Your clothes speak volumes; make sure that they are saying something worth listening to.

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    Published on April 27, 2010

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