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  • Real Housewives of New Jersey and New York Gossip and Some Ramona Singer Jewelry To Pretty It Up From Brad Boles

    Trash and cash to ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’ and fab fake jewels are all in the life of the Real Housewives

    Brad is breathless with more gossip and gorgeousness to share. Does he ever take a breather? No, it’s not in his genes, but who is in everyone else’s jeans? ŚS.H.

    Summer is officially here and all the Housewives have checked into their Hamptons hideaways. I have two thoughtful words to pass on– designated driver. The East End of Long Island is truly the land of the very, very privileged but there are police lurking behind every landscaped privet. Bottoms up and safety first!

    You know that I love to gossip about those Housewives, so let’s get some dish out of the way before we talk of all things gorgeous.

    Housewife to Housewife. Zip code to zip code.You would think that with all the crazy scandal surrounding ôThe Real Housewives of New Jerseyö star Danielle Staub and her supposed naked ôcaught on tapeö romp with a mystery man that it would have her running for the hills… not ôThe Hills,ö the show but the expression… oh you reality peeps.

    But nooooo.

    I found out that instead of Danielle cowering away she is instead ôrefusingö to do red carpet photos with Ramona Singer from ôThe Real Housewives of New York City

    Ramona is a friend for more years than I have fingers and has way too much New York style and love for all things beautiful to ever want to be in a photo with that hot mess from New Jersey! Ramona confided that she doesn’t want to be associated with Danielle and the truth is that Ramona is the one who refuses to be in the vicinity of her!

    Particularly with Danielle’s fourth boob job airing on last night’s episode of ôThe Real Housewives of New Jerseyö and the alleged 75 minutes of her naked romp tape about ready to go public. Does she have no shame? In my opinion, that’s trash for cash!

    Money Can't Buy You Class

    Money Can’t Buy You Class

    On a lighter note, I ran into Countess LuAnn de Lesseps in Bridgehampton this weekend. The Countess looked as hot as ever as she was racing into the city to perform her song "Money Can’t Buy You Class" at the club Splash. She was in heaven to be performing with a crowd of half-naked hunks surrounding her. I heard that the Countess had had those sexy men crazy for her too. BTW: I’ll bet that she is off the market from the way she gushes when you mention her beau. So sweet.

    Ramona rules.I had a wonderful sit down this morning with Ramona at her beyond fabulous South Hampton estate. We sat in the gardens that she describes as perfect beauty from its overflowing flowers to the water view. There, I had a preview of her new art deco collection of Ramona Singer Jewelry for HSN that will air in August.

    Ramona Singer for HSN Green Chalcedony and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

    Ramona Singer for HSN Green Chalcedony and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

    Ramona is all about travel jewelry that looks real and is affordable luxury with amazing details! Her inspiration comes from vintage estate pieces and she uses real diamonds and gemstones in her line for HSN-– I’m crazy for the diamond hoops! Ramona feels that these are gems that can be passed down through generations and indeed they can.

    She knows a thing or two about generations as she also does another collection for True Faith Jewelry, her sexy husband Mario’s fourth generation company where she created diamond-like chain necklaces by the yard.

    Ramona is a true businesswoman besides being a Real Housewife. So here’s what I did without Ramona’s knowledge.

    Tru Renewal by Ramona is her eco-friendly, all natural skincare line. Does this woman ever slow down?

    I put her skincare products with vitamin-rich algae enzymes to the test on my favorite metrosexual Rob Siegel. Yes ladies, real men need not be afraid to take care of those fine lines. Ramona calls her skincare line, "food for the skin." I call it making sure that all the men in my life look hot at all times.

    Rob says that healthy skin is the most important element of a great looking face because your face is the first thing that women see! Like any other guy’s guy, he figured this is pretty girly stuff, but Tru Renewal by Ramona is easy on the skin, eco-friendly, and makes you look great! Dab a little eye cream in the morning and at night. If you’re in the sun or surf all day in the Hamptons like he is, you need a rejuvenating cream for the faceŚ Ramona has that too! Check it out at

    That’s it from Southampton this week- next week Rob and I are looking forward to taking our friend Charles (a fantastic home builder from Bridgehampton) to some great East Hampton boutiques for a total menswear makeover! You don’t want to miss that! Oh, tell Sharon that she should come out here before she heads out West for the summer. ľBrad Boles

    Need some bling in your life? Check out what’s available now from Ramona Singer Jewelry for HSN:

    Photo of Ramona Singer: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

    Published on June 22, 2010

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