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    Update: Bet you’ve come from a search engine to read FocusOnStyle dress tips on what to wear to an office Christmas party to get it right

    WE’VE UPDATED THIS ARCHIVE STORY WITH A NEW VIDEO over at What to Wear to an Office Holiday Party.  The original story for this post is below.

    What to Wear to the Office Christmas Party to look professional, appropriate, and festively chic.

    Oh, how that old day to evening dress metaphor always gets us tripped up and, there’s no bigger tripper-upper than the office holiday party.

    It is rather absurd to think that just because it’s a festive gathering you should arrive at the office wearing a cocktail dress. On the other hand, if your office party is held later in the evening you can go home and push the luxe envelope until it ricochets into some moon-sized diamonds. Still, it’s the straight from the cubicle party that complicates the underdressed/overdressed party outfit dilemma.

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    But this doesn’t mean that you need to look like you are in perennial mourning for the last great party at Studio 54 either. All you have to do is add one totally gaga elegant element and you’ll be crooning to “My Kind Of Christmas” by Christina Aguilera like you really mean it.

    For the most part, you can’t get tooo sexy– it is a business atmosphere, not a disco and the utmost level of professional appropriateness rules. Particularly since you never want to be the tart they are whispering about around the cappuccino counter the day after.

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    Work a few of these glamour elements into your regular professional wardrobe for on-the-mark office party chic:

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    My vixen of vexed dressing, with just the right stuff you can glam-up straight from your desk to the shindig in a snap:

    Fuss with your hair a little that morning. If you usually wear it straight, get out some Velcro rollers and fluff it up like a Charlie’s Angels inspired glamourella or finish your mane to perfection in the deliberate manner of a socialite fresh out of the salon.

    Can the corporate blank face and go girly girl with a flourish of liquid eyeliner and shimmery lips, nails and skin. Elizabeth Arden did the scouting for you and came up with Party In A Box as the perfect set of glimmery glamour.

    Show a little more skinů by way of a simple sleeveless black dress paired with dynamite stilettos and sexy nude hose. Bare arms– like a sleeveless cashmere shell– and high heels are an instant diva duo. To pump up holiday flavor, tie on an of-the-moment lariat gold mesh necklace there’s one with holiday-worthy sparkling lime green Swarovski crystals.

    Nothing is more fashionably interesting than an intentionally planned not quite right combination that absolutely works! So, go ahead, pair a sexy strapless black dress with a your workwear ladylike jacket for some cutting-edge snazz appeal. Top a pair of tweed slacks with a flimsy cassis bustier-inspired vest or a Yigal-Azrouel Matte Jersey Sleeveless Drape Neck Top and pleaaaze don’t forget the strappy high heel sandals!

    Forget the pink slip! Simply slip into a pair of pink satin party pants topped by your everyday turtleneck. Get classic with an iridescent red silk shirt– unbuttoned the way you can when the clock strikes five– and a body-grazing black velvet skirt.

    Build an outfit around one special jeweled item, something that’s a little too-too for day but can go the extra party-hardy mile. Wrap a whippet-thin rhinestone sash or a leather belt with a mondo flashy buckle around your waist. How about sprinkling your wrist with a collection of skinny glittery gold bangles? Or, highlighting the gentle curve of your neck with a delicate purple rein enchanted jewel choker? Whatever you do, scratch the jeweled Christmas tree pin.

    Remember this recipe for office party dress success: Shake one sparkling shot onto a simple mix, and you’ve got yourself a business-tini with style that lasts the evening. Enjoy!

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    Published on January 01, 1998

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