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  • Red Carpet to Reinvention: Celebrity Chef Julie Anne Rhodes [7 Days to Amazing Podcast]

    Podcast Thumbnail Julie Anne Rhodes no logo

    The Red Carpet to Reinvention: Celebrity Chef Julie Anne Rhodes talks about her life from supermodel, to pop star wife, to successful entrepreneur with all the razzle-dazzle and bumps in between. My friend Julie Anne Rhodes has had the kind of enviable life that so many dream about but her family first beliefs and entrepreneurial journey are what shapes her success. If you ever wondered what it’s really like to have the celebrity chef lifestyle, be a glamorous supermodel, be […]

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  • How to take better selfies

    3 tips for better selfies

    It’s National Selfie Day! I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some simple tips to take a better selfie. Honestly, the first time that I heard the word “selfie” I thought it was a joke. But since 2012, the word “selfie” grew in popularity more than 17,000% with 93 million selfies taken every day, and over 304 million posts on Instagram alone that use the #selfie hashtag. The folks at YouCam app report that 36% of people use filters […]

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  • My Vlogging Tips: How to create videos for youtube and social media [Quick Tips Video]

    VLOG TIPs- How to make quick videos

    Watch today’s video for my behind-the-scenes vlogging tips on how I make quick videos on my computer for Youtube and social media– and why I like recorded videos over livestream. Lately, one of my top frequently asked questions is how I make the Quick Tips videos that I use as content here on FocusOnStyle for video blogging, youtube, and social media videos rather than solely written blog content. I’ve been asked if I record my one-take videos in clumps, one […]

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  • The hidden meaning of what your brand colors say about you [Quick Tips Video]

    The hidden meaning of what your brand colors say about you

    How do the colors you use in your business visually connect to you and your brand? I’m not going to get all spooky on you but there is a subliminal, hidden meaning of what your brand colors say about you. The colors that you use to represent yourself in your business and online are part of the instant visual message that that you send. Before you have time to say a word, people assume different things about you from the […]

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  • The BIG Rebrand! New Look, New Resources

    NYC weekend-700

    Then, there’s something NEW here at FocusOnStyle! It’s the BIG rebrand! So, some of you may be thinking, “what the heck is a rebrand,” and others may say, “why are you telling me?”. I believe that style is how you show up every day, in every way… in your business, in your life, in how you present yourself. Well, we all need to stay relative, to be vital, to stay ahead of the curve, and live elegantly as our best […]

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  • Women Entrepreneurs: Your Business Coach May Be Keeping Your Broke! [Quick Tips Video]

    business coach thumbnail

    If you are a women entrepreneur and you do not consider this, you will go broke trying! // Become an Insider + Receive your free gift of style: + success so you can stand in your star power: Let’s get real: we live in a visual world. Like it or not, as a women entrepreneur, you are the face of your brand. No matter how much substance, expertise, and experience you have, if you do not pay attention to […]

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