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    Get salon airbrush tan results at home

    Get salon airbrush tan results at home

    A rich tan is unmistakably the hottest summer trend, yet we all know the dangers of toasting ourselves silly to get that sun-drenched look.

    While most savvy fashionistas do get their fake bake from a salon’s airbrush tan artist or a walk-in spray machine, we aren’t necessarily keen to strip down and mist up by appointment or spray-paint ourselves into some weird, splotchy orange glow.

    But, the idea of browning naturally is quite appealing. Imagine not applying a dye or color to your skin, but developing a brilliant bronze enhancement on your own based upon a natural chemical reaction quite similar to that of a cut apple left out to the air which deepens to a darker tinge of brown—that’s the principle behind EnhanceMe Bronze Velvet.

    It acts in a similar fashion to a salon spray-on tan, but the streak-free, aerosol formula is easy to mist on at home- and EnhanceMe Bronze Velvet is said to provide faux beach-perfect results that last for 7 – 10 days. Now, that’s the just the right amount of time to psychologically fake ourselves into dreaming that we really were on vacation!
    –August 3, 2004

    Published on August 03, 2004

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