MODERN BUSINESS TIPS For Busy Female Entrepreneurs

Digital Business tips and marketing help for women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, creatives, and small business owners who want to attract high-level clients by stepping into their star power with a modern business approach to their brand.  Topics include marketing, content creation, online success, personal branding, and social media strategies. Register Here to Learn How To Create Your Own Magnetic Personality Brand Photos.

Want A Secret To Stop Overthinking And Be More EFFECTIVE?

Stop overthinking

Your BEST ideas come in the moment. It's a moment based on years, decades of EXPERIENCE. Today I'll be touching on one one of my best hacks to stop overthinking in its tracks and get your best work out in less time. Give me a "hell yeah" if you ever sat down to create something and spent hours staring at a computer only to spit out the most boring crud in the world!!! OVERTHINKING is a curse that holds [...]


Are you NOT attracting your dream clients? [Video]

Attracting Your Dream Client

As small business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches, we all want to work with our dream clients and build a successful business with great people. But what happens when you get a P.I.T.A. (Pain in the ass) customer, who is less than your dream client? Hey, we are all not perfect and even make mistakes ourselves, but...Treating people with the same RESPECT we would like to be treated is paramount to your own joy and success, but sometimes we get the PITAs. [...]


How To Look Confident In Eyeglasses- Try These Style Hacks [Video]

Eyeglass Hacks

Talking reading glasses and how to not look like a fuddy-duddy with these eyeglass hacks... Upfront, wearing farty glasses is a personal pet peeve of mine. Those skinny readers from the early 2000's... drugstore cheesy frames that aren't exactly right for your prescription so you squish your face up every time you to try to read. STOP.  From a style standpoint dated glasses just ruin your look. [...]


Career Path: Is Your Expertise A Little Messy? [Video]

when your expertise is a little messy

Your career path may not be linear, if not a little messy, and that only adds to your ability as an expert in your niche. The more we live, the more expertise we acquire. Yet it's too easy to assume that there's ONE path for everyone to reach their career goals or pivot to a new career- it sure wasn't for me! In reality, for most of us, what influences your expertise is quite the opposite of a lifetime of a single [...]


The Four Easy-Peasy Key Elements of Every Marketing Video… [Video]

4 Key Elements of Every Video

What To Say On Video Even When You Don’t Know What To Say… The video elements that set the pace even when you just jumped out of bed and having your morning coffee on the hotel lawn! Let’s face it, for most of us who are small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches or consultants, or new to online business and fleshing out your personal brand, video can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way when start with these [...]


How Confident Women Over 40, 50, 60 Get Their Goals

Confident Women- Secrets to Success

11 Signs of Becoming A Confident Woman We’re all doing the best we can every day but what makes some women more confident than others? When it comes to standing out in your business niche, pulling off a certain outfit, or even making massive life goals, some women seem to have all the confidence in the world while others are too timid to barely dip their toes into their dreams. So what makes confident women tick? How can some women be more [...]


Authentic Storytelling Is The Secret Sauce To Building A Business Brand That Stands Out


...and you do that via authenticity in video marketing and photos. If you've been thinking about using video or branded images as a vehicle for marketing and growing your business, NOW is the best time to leverage these incredible tools to attract your most aligned audience through the power of authentic storytelling. Authentic messaging breaks down barriers between you and your audience, creating a space for you to get your message across in a way that is relatable and believable. This in [...]


What Business Tools I Use To Run An Online Business [Video]

My Favorite Online Business Tools That Get To The Point

Are you also overwhelmed with all the "stuff" and crave ways to make everyday more joyful? Especially now, simplification feels more right than ever.... in what you wear and... in how you run your work from home or online business. Are you also overwhelmed with all the "stuff" and crave ways to make everyday more joyful? Especially now, simplification feels more right than ever.... in what you wear and... in how you run your work from home or online business. [...]


Do More By Doing Less: Learning the art of multitasking…[Video]

Do More By Doing Less - Effective Multitasking

Multitasking Productivity Hack!!! Yup, there are days where you feel like an octopus trying to get as much done at once. The problem with multitasking is that you never feel accomplished, at least I don't. But I do have a little hack for times when you really need to get it ALL done at pretty much the same time. [...]


6 Video Marketing Tips So You Can Say Goodbye To Overwhelm

Getting Started With Video to Grow Your Business

Even if you’re camera shy, using video marketing to grow your brand can really be simple… when you know how. These days it seems like everyone and their uncle has video training… how do you not get overwhelmed by all the material out there? Marketing videos can be complicated if you’re in over your head with too much tech. Lucky for you, the less “professional” a video is, the more it converts these days (meaning more revenue from doing less). 99% of [...]


Modern Business: If You Want Your Branding Photos To Stand Out, Do It Like A Supermodel

Naomi Campbell- Forbes-Authentic Superstar!

Supermodel leadership might just be what you need if you want your branding photos to stand out and really engage. Good news is that it is not only less stressful and expensive than hiring a branding photos, but more effective and relevant in today’s market. Smart business people look to what their audience is watching… They are not minutia oriented to only their niche but to the Big Picture… in most cases it is entertainment and media… which is operating at home and [...]

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