Career Path: Is Your Expertise A Little Messy? [Video]

when your expertise is a little messy

Your career path may not be linear, if not a little messy, and that only adds to your ability as an expert in your niche.

The more we live, the more expertise we acquire. Yet it’s too easy to assume that there’s ONE path for everyone to reach their career goals or pivot to a new career– it sure wasn’t for me!

In reality, for most of us, what influences your expertise is quite the opposite of a lifetime of a single focus. It’s time to see your expertise through the lens of being a well-rounded person with the unique ability to analyze a situations from different vantage points.

Let’s dive into being an expert with a diverse background a little deeper in my video below…

We are a sum of our parts…

Every job we had, every business we started, every class we took, book we read, life we lived…all adds up to exactly who we are today….

And our career path may not be a straight line making our expertise a little messy… more like a perfect blend that you an makes you uncopy-able as unique person. 聽No one else can ever be exactly you.

That’s your genius. That’s your differential.

Honor it.

Be authentic.

Get out there… there are clients, customers and followers who need what you have to offer.

Think about your expertise journey. What roads have you travelled?

And if your past really is messy, make your mess your message!

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when your expertise is a little messy
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