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Get Chic... I’m ready to confidently pull it together with ease!

Imagine mastering your best style in just a few minutes a day?

Now you can using the ultimate stylist system.

If you’re ready to discover how to confidently put yourself together
like the relevant woman you are, you’re in the right place.

I’ll share my #1 Stylist Secret to help you go from Uncertain to Undeniable…

Using my 3 decades of professional fashion experience will help you effortlessly Develop Your Own Confident Style (REALLY, you can!)

Looking Pulled Together Shouldn’t Be Agonizing

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m Sharon Haver, The Fashion Mentor To Grown-Up Women, Just As They Are, To Refine Their Chic + Ageless Style

So That They Can Confidently Pull Their Look Together Every Day With Ease,

And, I’m Passionate About Helping YOU Make The Most of What You’ve Got!

I redefined what is chic and created this style system to get you there because

‘fashion’ doesn’t work for most people. 

Life is too short to keep trying to piece it all together.

Sounds dramatic?

Well, I should know because as I entered my third decade in the style business,  it was more than apparent that the sizzle and allure of how fashion is portrayed in magazines, blogs, by a slew of  personal stylists who you feel compelled to hire or be left out have nothing to do with how YOU get dressed everyday. 


Not how I dressed when I was skinny, young stylist on the go.

Or how I dress now in my mid years as a busy entrepreneur and mom.

Never. Ever.

So, I created the way to get to the core of what being stylish is really all about… to get real about you.

Your style should come from your soul, not what someone tells you to wear or what not to wear. 

Grown up ladies know that it’s not about being trendy but cultivating the ageless allure of C.H.I.C.™-  Confident, Harmonious, Interesting, and Classic style.

Spend 8 weeks with me to bring to light a personal chic style that suits your personality, values, and body so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and underrated.

That’s why I created the proven style system to get you there.

My goal is to be your style mentor so you can look good and feel good, and people notice this. No one needs to know your secret that you went to a stylist when your true style organically comes from within you.

As a matter of fact, great style should look like YOU.

Not like someone else is dressing you… you don’t want to look like “I” was there.

You want to look good, like you did it naturally, all by yourself like what one course graduate experienced, “I feel like I make better wardrobe choices for what I wear. I noticed it this season… “it just happened!”

Follow my step by step style mentoring system so you can think like a stylist and confidently rule your own personal chic.

And, that happens because the chic style comes from within you. 

I just help you bring it out. 

You can think of me as your stealth stylist– your styling secret— virtually holding your hand, guiding you to find your personal best within yourself. 

It is there. 

We live in such a visual world now that how you present yourself in your business and your everyday life is more important than ever. So isn’t time to have the confidence that comes with knowing you can pull it together… when you need to?

Yes, you can confidently discover the ease of your true style just like my clients who followed the C’est Chic Crash Course style mentoring system!

Say C.H.I.C.™ to Confident Style That Flatters You!

IMAGINE THIS: Ring, ring, ring… there’s the phone, the email alert, or the chirp of a text.

It’s a sudden meeting with a new client, last minute date with your honey, a meetup with a fellow entrepreneur whom you “know” from an online group, time to get on a fast video call  or livestream, a school parent function, or…

... just about any everyday situation that takes you out of your wardrobe comfort zone.How much more can you accomplish when you feel confident

That takes you out of your “no one will see me” cave and into the bright and brilliant world of possibilities? 

The outside world where…

… you want to feel confident, self-assured and not fuss about your outfit.

You don’t want to worry if you look too old, or too girly, or inappropriate, or lost touch with being relevant, or like you haven’t a clue.

But wait… what  will you wear?

You can be a woman who knows how to effortlessly pull it together.

Because with my proven style mentoring system YOU can confidently rule your own personal chic…

Success Stories

Just a few of the transformations possible from the C'est Chic Crash Course

pink quote As I shopped my closet, my outfits were becoming more interesting and varied without buying a thing!"


Buffalo, NY

pink quote Learning to dress for my body, the basics of shape and balance. I learned there is more to chic than wearing black everything."


Redondo Beach, CA

pink quoteSharon really helped me understand how easy it should be.

I couldn’t be more pleased as I now make confident quick decisions on what not & what to wear.


pink quoteNow I can put myself together so the world sees on the outside who I am on the inside.


What C'est Chic Crash Course graduates say about their transformations...

pink quote I feel more confident and creative in the simple things. I know that this is 'enough'"

Camera Shy

Private Person

pink quote I'm braver in my fashion choices. I feel more confident. I learned how to feel good in my clothes."


pink quote I no longer have the feeling of "what was I thinking when I put this together?" halfway through the day."


pink quoteIt's a way to unclog your mind, quiet the chatter of disposable of-the-minute fashion to explore yourself and the simple things that speak to you, and will work for you."

Engineer + Mom turning 40

Melbourne, Australia

You too can discover how to meet the chic in you...

... So you can easily make the most of what you've got!

Say YES, To Claim A Lifetime of C.H.I.C. In Just 8 Weeks!

IMAGINE pulling it together with that perfect balance of ease & elegance… with your own unique & personal twist that flatters you in just the right ways.

So that you can feel like YOU’VE made it!

This isn’t about trends or fast fads. C.H.I.C. is the intuitive knack to know how to pull yourself together every day of your life.

Seriously, this is the stuff that you must know IF you want to cultivate your presence to confidently soar… regardless of your age… regardless of your size…. regardless of your lifestyle.

It’s just about YOU… wihout all the excuses that take away from you projecting your best today.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused every time you want to pull yourself together these style sessions are for you!

Just Say Chic…


This is your time to shine!

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

What if you could remove the clutter that's holding you back?

  •  Do you wish you could simply pull it together… when the situation arises… to look like “her?”
  • Are you frustrated because you just can’t make yourself look good when you know you could if you only knew the way.
  • Do you wonder how French women can look so effortless and you try so hard yet continue to second guess yourself?
  • How about those women who hire stylists? Why are they so special? What if you had the knack to do it yourself?
  • Do your kids tell you that they don’t want to be seen with you because you look like a fuddy-duddy or worse… let’s not go there (wink).
  • Do your friends politely suggest to take you shopping rather than lunch at a bistro for the reason that you feel like you can’t confidently walk out the door because you don’t have the right look?

What if you could…

  • Pick the right things to wear without second-guessing yourself so that you can have timeless classic style that is elegant without being trendy or aging?
  • Make your wardrobe work for you rather than you trying to work around it?
  • Be the stylist in charge of your own look so that you know what is flattering for you?
  • Realize that chic is never looking like you tried too hard? Or didn’t try at all?
  • Simply be chic just because you know how to pull it together so that your best style becomes a reality?

You’ll be relieved to know that the C’est Chic Crash Course is for you if…

  • You want to effortlessly chose an outfit that makes you feel great rather than panicking that you have nothing to wear.
  • You are a grown-up woman who wants to be stylish yet age-appropriate.
  • You want to finally feel right in your skin and have a stronger sense of yourself.
  • You are tired of feeling like you have to go shopping overtime you want to look good.
  • You want to know how to effortlessly pull it together without looking trendy or like a die-hard fashionista.
  • You want to confidently pull yourself together rather than looking into your closet with glazed eyes and hoping for the best.

Well, you can

Because with my proven style mentoring system YOU can confidently rule your own personal chic… 


I created the C’est Chic Crash Course to elevate + inspire other women to effortlessly make the most of what they've got.

What a C'est Chic Crash Course grad says...

pink quote I used to wear the same few outfits all the time. They were right in the front of my closet and I just reached for them day after day. Now I think about what I wear and what my style says about me.


Going to an event or walking into a meeting while wearing something that I know looks good and feels comfortable has done wonders for my confidence.

I'm going through a lot of changes in my life right now and the C'est Chic Crash Course helped me clarify the new me. I'm getting older and I'm starting my own business. I know who I want to be and the course helped me dress and feel the part. The right style choices can do wonders for your confidence and defining your role in society, in business, and in new ventures.

Working with a real experienced stylist was a dream.

Before C'est Chic, I wondered if taking an online course would really help rather than working face to face with a stylist and if the clothes would be too high fashion for me. Without the course, I'd probably still be wearing yoga pants to work. 

Sharon helped give me ideas for how to define my personal brand. She taught me how to find inspiration from many places and adapt my findings to my personal style.

After years of working at an Internet company where dressed up meant you wore sneakers instead of flip-flops, Sharon’s C’est Chic Crash Course put me back on track. I learned to stay chic even on days when I was working from home. Each of Sharon’s lessons were fun, informative, and easy to digest. We played on Pinterest boards looking for inspiration, which led to me discovering my own personal style and preferences.

I learned how to wear certain items, where to shop, how to dress for my figure, and put together outfits in a way that was all my own.

We worked on matching my style to my new business.

I’m learning to build a wardrobe that lasts. I feel timeless and chic."

Donna DeRosa

Managing Editor & Lifestyle Coach, donnaderosa.com

How do You say chic?

My style mentoring system goes way beyond “playing dress-up” or wearing what someone else dictates.

And, it you are busy like me, you will appreciate how my system only takes a few minutes out of your busy day.

Here’s the deal: It’s about being mindful to what inspires you, to what pleases you, and to how you want to present yourself.

There aren’t any gimmicks of wondering what your color “season” is or cutesy tricks to mix and match. Those are all distractions to cover up what is core to being chic.

And that’s the ability to confidently be able to self-edit what is right for you and what is not.

It’s looking within to tune into your own taste, preferences, and uniqueness to finally stop getting in your own way and master an effortless sense of chic style… as long as YOU make it your own!

No matter what your age is or the size you are today.  

No matter where you are from (adieu French Chic, it’s YOUR chic).


Falling in love with how you look has nothing to do with overwhelm…

And everything to do with intention + inspiration.

Listen you don’t need to hire 18 people to get it together (or a personal stylist who learned her skill from watching Sex and the City).


You don’t need to agonize over getting dressed. Or feel like you can never pull it together.

You just need to get out of your own way and get chic!

You probably read fashion magazines, you watch style segments on TV, tune into the red carpet critiques, and may even have some favorite TV show characters who you think have it together.

But, you still can’t figure out what to wear.  

Well, all those entertaining ways actually distract from solving the problem of what to wear without helping you discover YOUR true style.

It doesn’t need to be that complicated.

YOU can effortlessly learn how to look pulled together… to look chic.

Without a closet full of clothes that never make you feel right. That never make you feel self-confident, powerful, pretty, and chic.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and start getting in touch with yourself.


I created the system to put you in charge of how you want to present yourself so that you could have the confidence to soar!

C’EST CHIC CRASH COURSE (SAY CHIC!) is my premiere 8-week style mentoring program that teaches you all you need to know to confidently look pulled together and chic. In this immersive and transformational 40+ video program, you’ll discover your effortless style that instantly impacts your appearance with self-confidence and élan. Imagine the possibilities that open to you when you can finally get out of your own way to stylishly soar... on your terms, with my three decades of professional style know-how to guide you. Each Video Style Session is designed to build upon the previous one with the utmost respect to your busy schedule to engage you in the deepest way to invest in yourself without overwhelming you... it's your time to shine!

Why Me As Your Chic Style Catalyst?

So You Understand Where I'm Coming From...


I was lucky.

My mom taught me every nuance of what’s for me & what’s not for me (while my father waited rather patiently for us while sitting on the "men's" bench at Loehmann's).

Plain and simple.

I turned those childhood “fashion” lessons of learning how to dress for my body type so that I could feel confident in my appearance into a multi-faceted career in the style business that has spanned close to 30 years...

... everything from a fashion stylist on magazine (my first editorial job was a Vogue cover) + advertising photo shoots (styled to sell)  to syndicated newspaper fashion advice columnist (that Scripps Howard News Service distributed to 400 newspapers each week), published in a best-selling book (alongside President Jimmy Carter and Gloria Steinem), starred as myself in my own national TV commercial (fashion guru for Macy's),  to the founder of FocusOnStyle, where I show the everyday woman the direction to make the most of what she’s got since 1999 (that’s almost forever in Internet years + the same year I started my work from home business as a new mom).

Listen up, after 15 years on coveted photography shoots– glamorous locations and all- I got sick of dealing with fantasy and decided to deal with reality. Name-dropping is not my thing, but these are some of "names" I styled back in the day: Rebecca Romijn, Kelly Ripa, Famke Jansen, Elle MacPherson, Wilt Chamberlin, Tracee Ellis Ross, Debbie Gibson, Willow Bay, Kyra Sedgwick, Sally Kirkland, Judy Tenuta, Kathleen Kinmont, Tim Robbins, Miss USA contestants, soap stars, models, and more.

My score of styling accounts included Ladies Home Journal, Vogue, Us Magazine, Live! With Regis And Kathie Lee, A Current Affair, Avon, Macy’s, Sigred Olsen, Candies, Le Tigre, Perry Ellis, Pepsi Cola, VF Corporation (Basset Walker, Hathaway, Lollipops, Lee Jeans, Skeets, and Cottonworks), Gantos Department Stores, Bamberger’s, GTE, BMG Music, IBM, Manufacturer’s Hanover Trust, RJ Reynolds, Lady Manhattan, Oleg Cassini Suits and Night, Evan-Picone, Merona, In Fashion Magazine, Gunnar, Zoom, American Photographer, Soap Opera Weekly, and others .

BUT... The shizzle in the sizzle of the style business really has nothing to do with how you, or I, get dressed everyday. It's a business geared to everyone. You're an individual with very specific desires.

You need to take what you see in the media and launch from it in a way that's organic to you, and only you... that's the only way you can feel confident in your appearance and right in yourself. Style needs to become second nature to you.

The reality is that grown-up women-- like you and me-- need to feel as great, or better, than a fashion model who really is a glorified clothes hanger (yes, I said that) there to sell a product.

We need to get down to the core of how style works for you. It's back to how my mother trained me at the Brooklyn Loehmann's to feel confident about my shape in midst all those racks of deep discounted designer clothes with their labels ripped out to not identify the brand.  (FYI: I ended up looking slim + "rich" for a middle class chubby girl on a budget).

There are million choices out there. But only a select few are right for us.

With the right training, we all can gain the instinctive knack to easily know what's best for us and cut out the distractions of the rest.

Through my three decade career in style, I've deplored seeing personal stylists, image consultants, and much of the self-help fashion industry at large, teach and encourage you to "learn about your style" from a place of consumerism, telling you what's wrong with you, and what you have to buy to make it right. You end up with a million helter-skelter pieces, and still have nothing to wear! That's because the answer to your style comes from within yourself.

Together, we can change how style is being sold by empowering ourselves with what it takes to really pull yourself together with confidence and ease- that is the basis for why I designed the C'est Chic Crash Course. Don’t you deserve to feel confident in your body… in your fashion choices… in your everyday appearance?  Walk the walk with someone who has lived it and knows that the answer is in you. YOU are genius to me!


In The News...

Style is about the right mix and I can help you discover finding what works for you.

I’ve done it professionally on photo shoots for 15 years. I’ve done it online since 1999 with FocusOnStyle.com. I’ve done it as a spokesperson and syndicated fashion advice columnist on the Scripps Howard News Service where my column went out to 400 newspapers each week.

I can do it for YOU.

I’ve styled a series of VOGUE covers with major jewels and unbelievable couture. I’ve made polyester sweats look chic for the Vanity Fair Corp.

(Yes, making inexpensive and easy-to-find clothes look amazing is REALLY fun). I’ve styled a gazillion catalogs and advertising campaigns for big names that are probably in your closet, and stores that you mostly likely shop at.

As a stylist, besides styling fashion models and actors, I dressed people of different sizes and shapes including basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain. I’ve even starred as the on-camera style guru for my very own national Macy’s TV commercial (green screen stadium size studio and all.... egads).

I’ve also worked for major brands, such as Avon, where I realized that the secret of anti-aging for me is in a little jar called Anew that isn’t a high-priced miracle wonder.

I also give good quote and regularly interviewed in all forms of the media.


Been part of a best-selling anthology book alongside other contributors like President Jimmy Carter, Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and John E. Nelson.


Miss J. Alexander recollects a funny story in his book about how we met back in the day on the Studio 54 dance floor because we both broke the heel of our Charles Jourdan shoe. He showed me how to balance. I eventually hired him as my stylist assistant.


Then, there was the time that I was privileged to meet my style icon, Audrey Hepburn.


I've wrapped up everything you need to know from my seasoned fashion expert experience into the C'est Chic Crash Course style mentoring system so you can finally become the stylist in control of your look!

My mom taught me the groundwork. My career added the flourishes. Let me pass it on to you... the C'est Chic Crash Course is exactly what you need to master your style!

I was honored to meet my style icon, Audrey Hepburn
I got to star in my own Macy's TV commercial as the Fashion Guru
What I love most is connecting with you in my C'est Chic videos!
My parents looking very glam in an old photo. Mom taught me everything you need to know about shopping, while Dad patiently waited. Lucky me!
Fooling around on the set of the last magazine cover I styled. It was for Ladies Home Journal. I'm with Gad Cohen- he's one of our Bonus Experts!
A rare photo of me on a photo shoot and it’s becuase it was in a magazine! New Woman magazine did a feature story about me and here I am in a snippet photo as a stylist on the set with Brad Boles (FoS contributing editor at large) on makeup & North Rebis on hair. Yes, I still wear my Yoji Yamamoto shirt that I have on ! I kept my stylist scissors in a holster belt.
I launched FocusOnStyle.com as my work from home business when my son was an infant.


You will cut through fashion confusion to instinctively + confidently pull yourself together every day with my 6-step system over the next 8-weeks…

What a C'est Chic Crash Course graduate says...

pink quoteChic-ster Sharon Haver has put together a thoughtful course that goes above and beyond your average fashion advice. I've been through the course and continue to go back to it, as a refresher and for inspiration. What the course isn't, its' not "The 5 Top Pieces Every Closet Needs" or "The Must-Have Handbag for Spring." Instead, Sharon has her students take a close look at themselves through a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, I started to feel like I was acquiring a more critical eye for more creative looks for myself. I wasn't buying the whole "cookie cutter" outfit from a page in a catalog anymore.

And as I shopped my closet, my outfits were becoming more interesting and varied without buying a thing!

From Le Premiere to the Grand Finale, the course is packed with information and style ideas.  I especially enjoyed the Bonus Conversations with fashion and style experts. Sharon Haver herself was readily accessible throughout the course and continues to be afterwards. She's a personality with a quick sense of humor that compliments her fashion sense! Although I've completed the C'est Chic course, it is still available to refer to and Sharon continues to be accessible. I feel like I have a new friend in Sharon and I know I'll keep in touch! If you love fashion, want to look your best and finally get your closet organized, I highly recommend C'est Chic. There's nothing else like it out there.

It's better than any self-help fashion book because you get the actual stylist with the course!"

Thanks Sharon!

Jan Ferington

Teacher and TV Talk Show Host

The C’est Chic Crash Course Week by Week

Here’s what a C’est Chic Course graduate was concerned about before investing in herself and the transformations she experienced from saying yes to chic…

pink quote Before I said yes to the C’est Chic Crash Course, I was afraid of living the rest of my life not ever able to look my best on a daily basis, or reaching my potential, living in self-doubt, operating sub-optimally. I  was concerned that the course might be too fashion-industry orientated and over-my-head.

However, C’est Chic is  great mentoring, a great concept. Love the straight-talking, and the fact that  Sharon don’t talk down to people.

I was thinking that life doesn’t stand still, I had just turned 40, why waste the best years? Can I improve with age? – maybe with this course I can! I need my appearance to align with me. I want to be as “easy on the eye” as I am to deal with. I am a quiet achiever, and want understated elegance to speak for me, when I approach people. I wanted to look effortless, and define my uniqueness. At first I was afraid that it might be too demanding of my time, and I won’t get the benefit of it because I won’t be able to do it “properly.”

But, instead the course is full of quick and interesting info and exercises in bite-sized chunks AND the fact that I can revisit it any time I like, perhaps every season.

I really liked the use of Pinterest – I never used it before, and it’s amazing – a breakthrough for me to remember what I like! The course is so personable – the videos and audio really make Sharon feel like she is in your life.

After taking the course, I feel more confident and creative in the simple things.

I know that this is “enough.”

I feel more focused on my inspirations, simplicity, overall impressions and more confident. I’m more open-minded.

Prefers to be anonymous

Engineer + Mom turning 40

Wait! That's not all...

It's crazy but there's even more.

You are also going to get these super sensational Bonuses and Extras...

CEST CHIC-WEEK- BONUS   Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop

+ Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop-

The pre-work to confidently see what flatters you + what does not. 

Play up your strengths with chic clothes that flatter your figure

Before you can nail your style, you need to get clear on the balance + proportion that makes everything fall into place to flatter your figure so that you can master the stylish framework to shine!

Designed to compliment the style sessions in the C’est Chic Crash Course, this BONUS 50-minute stand-alone Master Workshop demonstrates how to acquire the discerning eye to be the tastemaker of your own style!

What You Will Learn…

  • Mastering Fashion Fundamentals is key to how you can cut through the fashion clutter so that you can acquire the discerning eye to be the tastemaker of your own style!    
  • This time-saving Master Workshop gets to the core of what  flatters you so that you can feel more accomplished, polished, and ready in your appearance.  
  • The never-seen-before full-out style training video with me at the helm going over the top 20 principles that make your style work with examples for each.

pink quoteIf the Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop was the only thing offered in the C’est Chic Crash Course, it would be worth it. But there was so much more," says a recent grad transitioning her life & her wardrobe.


Le Extras

:: Multi Media Formats: What's your flavor to learn?

Each Style Session Video is designed to be jam-packed with actionable information yet still short enough to respect tour busy schedule. All collateral assets are presented in our Private Membership Site for you to be able to return to at your own pace. Additionally, to honor your individual learning preferences, Style Sessions are available in additional-

  • Audio Only versions (both streaming and downloable MP3) so that you can listen on the go.
  • Downloadable Transcript PDF's
  • Downloadable Style Note Worksheet PDF's 

:: Le Studio - Private Facebook Community: Private Facebook Group just for course participants to share, ask and mentor.

Le Studio is a great place to ask your top of mind questions, chic shares, and style concerns to the group of like-minded chicsters and the C'est Chic Team.


Pop Up PowWOW teleconference calls

***Live*** Q&A Coaching Calls with moi (note: these are group calls). I call these powWOWs.   These are pop up calls, based on community need,  are a super SWEET SPOT as you all get me on the line as compared to my $995 per session fee for my limited Private One on One Sessions. Recordings are provided in case you miss the call. You have the opportunity to ask advance questions. Note: Only C'est Chic Crash Course LIVE has a regularly scheduled call calendar.


Extended Learning Bonus Videos

I am including a small coterie of guest experts who can join the conversation and expand the horizons of fashion in my program’s Bonus section. These Conversation videos are longer than daily style sessions and I encourage you to watch them on your weekend down time. Audio versions are also provided to listen on the go.


Meet the First Round of C'est Chic Bonus Experts

Video conversations to expand your chic style journey...
Tonya Leigh

Tonya Leigh

The Chic Lifestyle

"My style philosophy is simple:  a woman's style is not just about the clothes she wears but her attitude when she's wearing them."

Gad Cohen

Gad Cohen Easy Chic Beauty At Any Age

"My style philosophy is keep it simple, keep it chic and make it look effortless. Your hair is your most important accessory and you wear it every day, so don't skimp on it!"

Richard Nahem

Richard Nahem

Parisian Chic Anywhere!

"My style philosophy is to be comfortable in your own skin and take advantage of the attributes you have and work around your flaws. Don't be afraid to experiment and if you don't get it right, you can always change your clothes."

Brad Boles

Brad Boles Living In Style From The Closet and Beyond

"My style philosophy is to never look at style with a dollar sign, from interiors to table settings, from flea markets, to modern, I've always mixed high and low. The environment that awaits you when you turn that key, should speak to you."

Hillary Rubin

Hillary Rubin

Give Yourself Permission To Be Confident

"My style philosophy is to wear what feels good for you, to know what you feel confident in and to mix up your favorite pieces."

Look forward to even more Surprise Bonus Treats

Invest In Your Chic Style With The C'est Chic Crash Course

Are you ready to make breakthroughs to confidently elevate your style?

For the next 8 weeks, you can claim your chic
in easy to implement daily installments that respect your time + boost your oh la la factor! 

CONGRATULATIONS! You are a FocusOnStyle Insider and therefore qualify for my special Insider’s Price.

In this Home Study Version of the C’est Chic Crash Course you can jump in to claim your chic whenever you are ready to shine. Use the private Facebook group to pop in your sticking points and victories for us to celebrate. We will be there together for the best clarity and feedback in any place that you feel may need adjusting. I’ve created this page to provide you will all the details of the program + to give you a sneak peek inside.

Oh, and don’t forget the SPECIAL INSIDER Membership Price with lifetime access to your membership level as long as the course is online!

Ready to reserve your spot?

C'est Chic LIVE!

  • Claim Your Chic In 8 Weeks!

  • Course runs over 8-Weeks
  • Lifetime Access for LIFE of course
  • Custom Designed Private Membership Site
  • 40+Style Session Videos
  • Audio Downloads
  • PDF Transcription Downloads
  • StyleNOTES PDF Worksheets
  • Chic Mantras For The Stylish Lady
  • The Studio- Members Only Facebook Collective
  • Scheduled Weekly-ish PowWOW Group Coaching Calls (my individual sessions are valued at $995 each)
  • Instructional Videos
  • Curated Pinterest Boards
  • + BONUS – Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop ($197 value)
  • + BONUS- Guest Expert Conversations on Chic ($priceless)
  • + BONUS- Share The Style + Bring a Friend for only $297 for her seat (coupon after joining)
  •  — C’est Chic Crash Course LIVE is coming soon! —

LUMINARY - The Ultimate Experience!

Includes THREE 1-ON-1 COACHING SESSIONS WITH SHARON Plus In Session Email Support
  • Claim Your Chic In 8 Weeks!

  • Course runs over 8-Weeks
  • Lifetime Access for LIFE of course online
  • Custom Designed Private Membership Site
  • 40+Style Session Videos
  • Audio Downloads
  • PDF Transcription Downloads
  • StyleNOTES PDF Worksheets
  • Chic Mantras For The Stylish Lady
  • The Studio- Members Only Facebook Collective
  • Scheduled Weekly-ish PowWOW Group Coaching Calls (my individual sessions are valued at $995 each)
  • Instructional Videos
  • Curated Pinterest Boards
  • + BONUS – Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop ($197 value)
  • + BONUS- Guest Expert Conversations on Chic ($priceless)
  • + BONUS- Share The Style + Bring a Friend for only $297 for her seat (coupon after joining)
  •  — C’est Chic Crash Course LIVE is coming soon! —

  • + 3 Private One On One Coaching Sessions with Sharon (value $995 each)
  • + Email Support during the course
  • waitlist
Contact team@focusonstyle.com for availability

Schedule A Time To Talk...

At FocusOnStyle, I pride myself on being able to support you in making the style choices that best serve you, no matter what they are.

If you are wondering if the C’est Chic Crash Course or any of my other style programs or services are right for you, please reach out and schedule a complimentary personal call.

<< Click Here To Schedule Your GET MORE STYLE CALL >>

Let's Break It Down...

What you get

Who doesn’t love a cool graphic to break it out?

What you get...

Inside The C’est Chic Crash Course

This is your ultimate destination to finally master your own special brand of chic with ease and élan.

Besides the…

  • Beautifully designed private Membership Portal
  • A course as pretty look at as it is informative to take (we’re talking style here, ladies)
  • Permanent Lifetime Access throughout the program’s life online
  • Access to any program upgrades of the same level
  • Opportuniy  to review the program at your leisure

You get…

  • 40+ Video Style Sessions With Me! (designed for us to be a virtual tête-à-tête)MP3 Downloads- Audio Versions for those who prefer to listen on the go – Transcriptions– Online & PDF Downloads if reading is more your thing
  • StyleNotes Work Sheets – Session Coursework for you to journal, if you chose
Instructional How-To Videos – Screenshare Pinterest Videos so you’ll never feel left out
  • 50 Chic Mantras for the Stylish Lady to reinforce your trust in you – Motivational Affirmations -Shareable on Social Media
  • BONUS PopUp Coaching Calls C’est Chic PowWOW – Live group calls where I will be answering any course questions
  • The Studio – BONUS Members Only Facebook Group to get community-wide  support feedback and encouragement

You may be interested to know…

I wear my own personal wardrobe (with no advance prep), do my own hair & makeup, and film in my own home. If I can do it, YOU can do it! I’ll show you how.

Your style can be this easy…

pink quote I felt like I needed a way to cut through the clutter of fashion magazines and the trendy clothes at the mall and really get into looking like me, but pulled together and chic.

I feel like Sharon helped me get to the heart and soul of how I want to look not just for work, but every day. And it was easy, fun, and didn’t chip into my schedule.

Now, I look like me but better. Much better.

Prefers to be anonymous

Entrepreneur, Home-based business


Paris Is Where YOU Find It!

IMAGINE yourself sipping a café noisette al fresco at your local bistro…  but rather than you doing the people watching, the passerby’s are noticing you. Yes, you! The one with the confidence and je ne sais quoi to look pulled together and vibrant.

You can pull off the same kind of confidence and class associated with French Chic style, but’s it’s really a global chic.

Use French chic as your inspirational launch point to tweak into your own special style. C’est Chic is all about YOU. Not you wanting to be them. I designed the C’est Chic Crash Course for YOU to be the stylist in control of your look. For YOU to understand that if you follow my steps in the right order, and spend the time considering what REALLY appeals to YOU, you will succeed, you will be chic. I know you are busy. And I’m busy too.

As a New Yorker (see, you don’t have to be from Paris!), I broke down each step to be as quick to the point as possible so you can easily grasp the foundation and build from there.

On your terms. On your schedule.

A word from Brad…

pink quote Sharon Haver has always used fashion to compliment her personal style, and has never compromised with trends.

Nobody could be more perfect to do this series as Sharon has always dressed not to impress but to be the best possible she can be.

Body shapes and sizes have nothing to do with style, the media perpetuates unrealistic body images that she has never bought into.

What to buy at a sample sale, most of my clients end up buying unrealistic trendy fashion items that end up in the back of their closet. In store sales help is not interested in your personal needs, their goal is to drive sales and added commissions. This course is a comprehensive how to… on achieving your own style, face the world and be confident that you too are Chic, and not off the pages of a fashion magazine.

Brad Boles

Makeup Artist, Visual Consultant, The Real Housewives of New York City, BradBoles.com

“If I could pack just about 30 years of fashion & style experience into ONE easy to master course, this would be it.”

And I did. Just for you!

pink quoteI feel like I make better wardrobe choices…”it just happened!”

-- a recent course grad

You had the confidence that comes with feeling your best, you could feel…

  • Amazing with the pizazz to pull off whatever you wanted 
  • Younger and not dated or dowdy
  • Thinner and more comfortable in your skin rather than thinking about lumps and bumps.
  • Beautiful in the way you are, TODAY
  • Empowered to ask for what you deserve
  • Positive to accept what life brings
  • A joie de vivre that comes when you set yourself free from the distraction that comes from fussing about what you wear

Yes, you can master the secret sauce to easy chic!


What They Say…

pink quoteI’ve worked with Sharon for many years and aside from her genuine warmth, she’s totally passionate about the entire project always. She’s got an exceptional, imaginative and unique eye for style.

Sharon can take ANY budget and make someone look like a million bucks effortlessly…and always tasteful, classy and fun!

I’ve loved every opportunity having her on my team!

Elizabeth Freid

Hair & Makeup Artist, efbeautyartist.com

pink quoteI am so grateful for your fantastic taste, your eye for detail, your delicious sense of humor, and the hard work you have done to help people like me who were, but are no longer, clueless about style because of YOU!

The best way I can thank you is to always think of you as I am putting together my outfit before walking out the door.

Which, is exactly what I will do each day, and you will be in my thoughts and prayers for good things, good health, and prosperity. Thank you again, and much love to you.


Camera Shy , I'm a private person

pink quoteSharon Haver has a massive heart and energy to match.  So you don’t believe you can be “stylish”? Sharon’ll believe it for you and make sure you see it too. She’s a powerhouse with ideas abounding. In Fearless Launching she was so generous to the women struggling with the branding and visual parts of their business… your “style” is a huge part of that branding. Sharon knows how to make your business brand and personal style work together. I’m not a “fashion” person but I still want to look great in a way that makes sense for my life. Sharon understands what a woman entrepreneur needs when it comes to style because she is one herself and has years of experience in the fashion industry.

She’s able to tackle style and demystify all the fantasy and froufrou aspects of what I see in magazines into something that’s both realistic and accessible for my life.

Anne Samoilov

Strategy, Action, and Launch Catalyst for Small Businesses with Big Ideas , fearlesslaunching.com

pink quoteSharon is my go-to lady for chic!

When it comes to cultivating a woman’s style incorporating her body, age and individuality, Sharon has an innate intuition in understanding how to make a woman look and feel like her own modern day icon.

If you are looking for a stylist with the savoir-faire to create your own personal and unique look, Sharon is the woman for you.

Tonya Leigh

Master Life Coach, bon vivant, internationally trained sommelier and devout Francophile, tonyaleigh.com | slimchicandsavvy.com

pink quoteSharon Haver definitely has her fingers on the pulse what’s happening in style and fashion.

She is among the leading voices of New York’s fashion and is always a pleasure to work with.

Walter Greene

Editorial Director , profiles98.com


Are you ready to say YES to your style?

Your preferred learning style is covered with Multi Media Formats!

*** Whatever your favorite device is, chose which one makes sense for you. ***

You can watch the Style Sessions Videos online in our custom designed Private Members Portal with session assets right there on the web page. For your convenience, Style Sessions are also available by Audio, with Transcript PDF‘s and downloadable Style Notes PDF‘s.

pink quoteC’est Chic is a fun way to approach personal style. Working with a stylist taught me how to take inspiration from all that is around me, from magazine photos to street style,says a course graduate.

The style sessions are designed to give you exactly what you need to master your own personal chic

Yes, I am a professional style expert + these are also the exact same principles I use to approach style in my personal life. Let me show you how you can too. The advance training style sessions are filmed in my home. An intimate setting to take you from start to finish and to discover your style, look within yourself, and master the principles to soar!

If I can do it, you can do it!

pink quoteI liked the short video format. It was friendly, conversational, and I enjoyed seeing what Sharon was wearing in each segment.”                                                                                                                                                                   – a recent Course Graduate

The video style sessions are designed to build upon each other so that you have the confidence that comes with being ready to step into your oh la la spotlight and make the most of what you’ve got with harmonious, interesting and classic style. My desire is to make you so savvy about your style that you don’t need me anymore because you can rock it on your own!

Learn on your schedule

Busy? Not sure you are available for the full length of the program?  No problem. Modules are paced to open up weekly. You can catch up at any time as you have Lifetime Access for as long as C’est Chic lives online.

Is your day already jam-packed?

I hear you. Who wants to to stuck watching endless hours of tutorials at a time? Not me. Not you. To honor your rich life, daily style sessions only take a few minutes... after 3 decades in style, I can cut the fluff & get to the stuff. C’est Chic is not a “one size fits everyone” do this/don’t do that makeover with hooky gimmicks. It is about evolving into a lifetime of chic in just 8 weeks (or as your schedule permits). The system goes deeper inside yourself so you can allow your style to transform with ease and intention. It is a new way to get deeply personal to what inspires you so that you can be connected to the style in your life.

pink quoteYou can work at your own pace, lessons are short but packed with information, and Sharon is always available to answer any questions, with her support and great sense of humor!

– a recent course graduate

* computer, tablet, smart phone, headset for demonstration purposes only and not included with course.


How To Look Chic. How To Be Chic. How to Say Chic.

True style comes from within. We need to tap inside to discover it.
40+ Video Style Sessions with audio and transcription options, and PDF StyleNOTES

My desire is to make you so savvy about your style that you don’t need me anymore because you can rock it on your own!

C’est Chic Crash Course is your opportunity to work with me in an intimate setting to get up close and personal within yourself to discover your special brand of chic. It’s upping your style quota without trashing your wardrobe or buying the store. It’s thinking like a stylist to train YOUR eye to discover the unique chic style with in you! I have a NEW way to look at chic… my own definition of what chic is.   And how you can easily incorporate into your life. When you remove the would of, could of, should, I can’t blocks of what is holding you back from being your best self and discover the way to look deep into yourself, into what makes you tick, into what pleases you, at what flatters you, YOU will master what it takes to be the stylist in charge of your own chic. Effortlessly and elegantly.

pink quoteIt’s so personable – the videos and audio really make Sharon feel like she is in your life.

— says a recent class graduate.

I left the glitz & glamour of photoshoots becuase I wanted every woman to feel that great about herself… without a glam squad to make it happen.

As you probably know, I founded FocusOnStyle.com back in 1999 as a way for women to have an insider access to stylist advice. With that, I am nearing my 3rd decade (cr-aaa-zy) in the fashion industry as a stylist turned style mentor. You can read about my background on FocusOnStyle and in Wikipedia. All these years in the fashion industry, from so many different vantage points, has me always craving the same thing: Helping You, not dressing Them! What it’s about: I created the C’est Chic Crash Course, my premiere video education program in response to reader’s asking me how to be chic in their lifestyle and to work more intimately than you can within the confines of a blog or web site. This is the same way that I personally address MY style!

I broke down everything I know both professionally and in my daily life so that you can easily understand– and have fun– with style in a way that is natural to you.

So that you can confidently build your core wardrobe without  scrutinizing every little piece and second-guessing yourself.

C’est Chic is the online program that addresses style at a deeper level than merely accessorizing what’s in your closet.

For me, understanding stye is not a matter of playing dress-up or telling someone what to buy each season (as fun as it is). But an intrinsic way to find the inspiration to look within yourself, to realize the confidence and awareness to find that special chic that’s uniquely you. And own it. Chic style may appear to be innate for some but for my ladies it’s developing the eye to bring that awareness and finesse into her world. Sounds pretty, obvious? Well, not really. Chic is  a matter of having a better understanding of your self along with training your eye to make those quick and style smart decisions that appear effortless.  You can be empowered in your style… when you want to turn It on! Best of all, once you finally “get it,” you’ll stop piecing it all together and have the confidence to soar! Let me show you how. You’ll love it!

It’s your time to shine!  This is…


The C’est Chic Crash Course spans over 8 weeks and has over 40 daily sessions, all video based.

The style sessions are presented to build upon each other to create the foundation to stylishly thrive.

red-bullet Each style session includes an actionable assignment to help you have a better sense of herself… NOT to buy a “statement” necklace but how to make a style statement that is very personal.

red-bullet Daily videos are quick to inspire you to make choices that are organic to you so that the style process becomes instinctual and you can go on and enjoy the rest of your life.

red-bullet Session videos are also available in audio only and by transcript– to read online or download as a PDF. How you like to consume your learning is your choice so I made options easy for you!

red-bullet You will also get downloadable StyleNOTES and worksheets to create your own offline journal.

red-bullet 50 Chic Mantras for the Stylish Lady are motivational prompts + affirmations to refer to when you need an extra jolt. They are shareable on social media.

red-bullet Pinterest boards are encouraged to visually arrange what inspires you. New to Pinterest? Don’t worry, there’s a tutorial video.

red-bullet *LIVE* Q&A Coaching Calls- I call these powWOWs- PopUps during the Evergreen season and scheduled for the LIVE program.  These are calls are a super SWEET SPOT as you all have the opportunity to get me on the line  as compared to my $995 per session fee for my limited Private One on One Sessions. If you can’t make a call, no worries, you can submit your questions in advance. Bonus- recorded sessions to play back later whenever possible.

red-bullet Facebook Studio– Members Only Community to explore support & stimulate your chic escalation. Besides getting dressed, style is beyond what’s hanging on the hanger, but how you carry yourself and pull life’s grander picture together. It’s a sense of awareness that keeps your eye open for inspiration on all levels.

red-bullet For this very reason, I am including a small coterie of carefully curated guest experts who can join the conversation and expand the horizons of fashion in my program’s Bonus section. These Conversation videos are longer and I encourage you to watch them on your weekend down time.

red-bullet Audio versions are provided.


Are We The Right Fit?

C’EST CRASH COURSE is for you if you:

  • Want a transformational program that gives you what you need to have confidence in your style.
  • Want to celebrate your unique you by understanding the core fashion fundamentals of style
  • Want to learn how to acquire the discerning eye to become the tastemaker of your own style
  • You are comfortable learning at your own pace with guided instruction & a member’s only community
  • You understand that delivery will be digital, online or by teleclass calls You realize that only you can implement change in yourself.
  • Realize that now is not your time to get down and deal with it so you can stylishly soar,

C’EST CHIC CRASH COURSE is NOT for you if you:

  • Want an informational program that gives you generic cookie cutter rules that are more matchy-matchy jargon than genuine style.
  • Really want to play dress up and catalog imaginary outfits to wear one day, maybe.
  • Are in the market for personal stylist to bring racks of clothes to your door.
  • You are a high maintenance PITA (check your Urban Dictionary). I’m not and don’t expect you to be.
  • You judge clothes by how much they cost.
  • You refuse to give up the notion that it’s not about generically matching this to that but the big picture of how it ALL goes together.
  • You really think that throwing scraps of polyester fabric near your face will tell you what colors look right on you and therefore determine your style 🙁
  • You refuse to get out of your time warp.
  • You have never read one of the thousands of pages of content on FocusOnStyle and have no idea about my point of view.


Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions are right here!
If this is CRASH COURSE why is it several weeks long?

These lessons of chic will serve you for a lifetime. As the C’est Chic Crash Course is a few weeks long, it is a crash course as to how you will dress the rest of your life.

What if I’m not around or really busy when a Session comes out?

Not a problem. I understand what being busy and over committed is all about. All live calls will be recorded and you can send in questions in advance or in the Studio group if you won’t be on the call.  Material in the Member’s Area are available for lifetime access of this version of the course. Being the Sessions are digital you can tune in anywhere in the world on your ipad or computer, and most smart phones. All you need is an updated browser.

Why would I listen to you when you don’t post pictures of yourself in cute outfits?

Exactly. I’m old school. I come from a style point of view where I am about serving the person on the other side of the camera lens, not self-serving myself. I’m not a model and see no reason to start posing like one now. Sounds harsh but I’m about you looking great and not what I’m wearing. My body type and personal taste may not be the same as yours (unless we are a clone that I don’t know about. If so, please email me.) so what works on me will not necessarily be right on you. I want you to envision yourself and take my professional advice to mastery. It’s not so far-fetched, there are plenty of men who are stylists and they don’t show pictures of themselves in pretty dresses. Well, most. I’m friends with a few of the others.

Why would I spend money on C'EST CHIC when I can go shopping instead?

You can simply go shopping. I want you to do just that or even ‘shop’ your closet (more fun). But if you are floundering and buying clothes that do not make sense for you, you are wasting money and time. Sometimes it better to hit pause and re-set so you gain the knowledge and eye to do a better job at finding what’s fantastic for you. I want you to have the greatest level of integrity and awareness of what is worthy to go shopping for. If you have that already, great, If not, LET’S GET YOUR CHIC ON!

Aren’t I better hiring a stylist to go shopping for me?

If you are the type of person who wants to invest in someone doing it all for you and have the time to deal with it, good for you! I’d rather you become self-sufficient and have style be more organic to you than having someone hired to dress you up. It’s your choice, just don’t make it an excuse.

I’m so hopeless that I don’t even know where to start?

Honey, no time better than the present to get over it and make it better. We are all gorgeous… just learn the smoke and mirrors to be even more gorgeous and you will believe you are.

Am I too old to make an effort about my style?

Hell, no! Style should never have an expiration date. As we mature, our taste level may get more sophisticated and our bodies may shift. Even though we still think we’re 30, the mirror tells us otherwise. And for those who are so bummed out and afraid that you dress like an old lady, well, we got to shake you up a bit. In a good way.

Does C'EST CHIC have instructional videos of how to wear certain trends?

Nope, sorry. You can watch those videos on morning TV shows.  I am all about having you think for yourself. Imagine yourself. Do better for yourself. NOT about entertainment filler content.  If you copycat anything, especially something so edited down to a 3 minute segment or video, you will lose every essence of you.  No matter how difficult something is for you to achieve, the result should always look natural. I want style to be natural to you from the get go.  I want you to imagine how you would wear something, not get trapped bogged down in how someone else does it. I want you to train your eye so that your style becomes innately part of your consciousness not a video to watch to pass the time.

You mentioned home study explorations. Is this like school? I hate freaking school!

No, it’s not like classic school but there is a degree of thought and awareness that comes with growing and inspiration. I want you to be open to the world around you and to yourself. The answer will come from you if you follow my guidance. It’s a matter of being open and evoking your own thought process to self-awareness. I promise that I’m neither woo woo or pedantic

Why do I need a course when you offer free stylist advice on FocusOnStyle?

That’s true. FocusOnStyle brims with tons of FREE stylist advice, beauty & style tips, and fashion trend reports. THOUSANDS of valuable pages of free content & curated style guides… it’s an online magazine and my pulpit to share my insider style guru secrets since 1999. Plus, a very good place to get an idea of who I am, what I stand for, and my voice to see if it’s the right match for you. However, some folks want to get up close and personal, go for a deeper dive in a more focused environment in a member’s setting than what a public web site can deliver. If that’s what you desire, than C’est Chic Crash Course is for you!

I’m not sure about a group. I think I’d rather work with you one on one, can I?

Fantastic! I  have set aside a few spots for V.I.P. One on One Style Mentoring Sessions with me in addition to C’EST CHIC CRASH COURSE. I recommend reserving space now as space is extremely limited and scheduling your session for after our class sequence ends.

How To Pay

We accept PayPal, where you can also use your credit card. As well as a secure credit card processing service. We do not accept checks or cash. We reserve the right to reject any order or purchase at any time.

Any fine print about pricing?

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What is your refund policy?

Understand that the services provided are based on the experience and expertise of Sharon Haver and/or FocusOnStyle.com. As style is a matter of personal preference, there is no guarantee that you will agree with the opinions of Sharon Haver and/or FocusOnStyle.com. Fees paid for the One on-one services are earned for provision of the services and are non-refundable in the event you are dissatisfied with the opinions provided. We offer refunds to all customers of course or physical products within 15 days of your purchase ONLY if completed worksheets from each module to date are provided. No refunds are offered without proof of participating in the course. A tremendous amount of thought & effort was put into creating this training. If you properly invested your time and purpose into the trainings and then not satisfied with our product, then simply send us an email, along with your completed WorkSheets to date, and we will refund your purchase right away. Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.

A few more things...

P.S. Don’t Forget– (1) Grab this opportunity if you want to work closely with me in the community so my team and I can support you during the 8-week run of the program. (2) We will be there together for the best clarity and feedback in any place that you feel may need adjusting.   P.P.S. Fair Warning- You can try to go it alone and read fashion magazines or watch TV fashion segments. But you’re doing that, right? And you’re still not figuring it out for yourself. You can even try to follow personal style bloggers who “appear” to have it together in every staged photo of themselves. But I have 3 decades of professional fashion stylist style experience under my (rather chic) belt. I know what’s fluff and how to break down what really counts to make a major impact in your style. Yes, your style. Look, all this stuff isn’t that complicated when you know the “way” to pull yourself together. So invest in yourself and take this opportunity to be in the C’est Chic Crash Course with me, now.


The Legal Stuff

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