Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop
Sharon Haver, your style mentor to everyday chic

Before you can nail your style, you need to get clear on the balance + proportion that makes everything fall into place to flatter your figure so that you can master the stylish framework to shine!

In the Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop, I learned to dress for my body, the basics of shape and balance. I learned there is more to chic than wearing black everything.” 


Hi sharon haver here

I created the Fashion Fundamentals Master Workshop as a way for you to confidently understand the essentials to build your everyday style just as you are today.


This is for you if…

orange-bullet You are ready to cut through fashion clutter so can acquire the discerning eye to be the tastemaker of your own style!  

orange-bullet  You are looking for the chic framework to build your wardrobe upon so that you can confidently see what flatters you and what doesn’t. 

orange-bullet You desire to understand the value of what’s key to the proportion + balance in a well-filling silhouette so you can stop wasting time with what doesn’t work.

orange-bullet You want to get to the core of what flatters you so that you can feel more accomplished, polished, and ready in your appearance. 

orange-bullet You are open to see how certain fabrics, patterns and cuts “shape” your figure.



It’s so personable – the videos and audio really make Sharon feel like she is in your life, says a Master Workshop  Participant

A Master Workshop Participant

Don’t you want to know how to play up your strengths with chic clothes that flatter your figure?

Then, this 50-minute Master Workshop is for you!

What's Included in The Master Workshop

Fashion Fundamentals WorkshopWhat you will get…


 orange-bulletConfidence in building your own style based on your figure.

The ability to pick your clothes out every day with ease. orange-bullet 

 Self-reliance in dressing for your body

Understanding of what you really like that flatters your shape. orange-bullet  

orange-bullet Clarity in styling fundamentals for you to click and view in bite-sized chunks for ease of learning. 

orange-bullet Ability to master the top 20 fashion principles that make your style work with examples for each in this never-seen-before full-out stylist training video workshop.

My teaching style includes…

orange-bullet Go at your own pace- 
This course is all automated so that you can go at your own pace with instructions by workshop video where I share my computer screen with you and walk you through every step that you need to know.

Multi-Platform Learning Options– No matter your best learning style, I’ve got you covered with video, a written transcript and audio only so you can listen again. 

orange-bullet Forever Access for the life of the course online so that you can revisit at your convenience.

orange-bullet 19 Curated Pinterest Boards– Fun, illustrative Pinterest boards that reflect you and what you love.


I never used Pinterest before, and it’s amazing – a breakthrough for me to remember what I like,
says a Master Workshop  Participant



YES! I want to learn the groundwork to build my style


Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions, Coco Chanel

So You Understand Where I'm Coming From...

A little bit about me


Some Media Mentions: Fashion & Style Expert Sharon Haver IN THE MEDIA


Sharon HaverI was lucky.

My mom taught me every nuance of what’s for me & what’s not for me (while my father waited rather patiently for us while sitting on the “men’s” bench at Loehmann’s).

Plain and simple.

I turned those childhood “fashion” lessons of learning how to dress for my body type so that I could feel confident in my appearance into a multi-faceted career in the style business that has spanned close to 30 years…

… everything from a fashion stylist on magazine (my first editorial job was a Vogue cover) + advertising photo shoots (styled to sell)  to syndicated newspaper fashion advice columnist (that went out to 400 newspapers each week), to the founder of FocusOnStyle, where I show the everyday woman the direction to make the most of what she’s got since 1999 (that’s almost forever in Internet years + the same year I started my work from home business as a new mom).

Listen up, after 15 years on coveted photography shoots– glamorous locations and all- I got sick of dealing with fantasy and decided to deal with reality.

The reality is that everyday women– like you and me– need to feel as great, or better, than a fashion model who really is a glorified clothes hanger (yes, I said that) there to sell a product.

Don’t you deserve to feel confident in your body… in your fashion choices… in your everyday appearance? YOU are genius to me!





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