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  • London Fashion Week: Bernard Chandran Fashion Show Review

    Bernard Chandran

    Bernard Chandran Catwalk – Fall / Winter 2009 …

    London Fashion Week continues with dreamy printed sheer fabric and swinging teardrop beading mixed with prints inspired by the Far East, Bernard Chandran‘s latest collection offered a stormy version of a rainstorm.

    This diverse collection seems to be representative of the changeable behaviour of the weather. The colour palette ranged from the deep shades of black, navy, silver and gunmetal to warmer shades of lilac, pale blue and peach and finally, the fiery tones of crimson red.

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    Even the silhouette did not escape the influence of the weather, with the signature shape being that of the umbrella, giving an unusual, voluminous effect to the upper body.

    PVC fabrics, shiny metallic fabrics and patent stiletto boots were softened with cloud-printed flowing fabrics and tassel detailing.

    A dress covered in sparkling, white teardrop shaped beads was one of the collection’s standout pieces. Both wearable and creative, this piece was representative of the collection as a whole a strong collection with a clear story. Kirsty in London


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    Published on February 24, 2009

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