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  • LA Fashion Week: Whitley Kros runway review

    LA Fashion Week: Whitley Kros runway review

    Sleepy Spring…

    Attending the Whitley Kros Spring 2009 fashion show was like being invited to a posh slumber party. The models lightly glided down the runway with messy mopped up hair thrown in a tiny little twisted bun. The make up was minimal with kisses of peach.


    If this is what spring is going to be about, then we are definitely in for a treat!

    The clothes were all sleepwear inspired with loose fits and delicious printed silks. I saw quite a few loose mini sleep shorts in shades of cream, teal, and floral prints. The dolman sleeve was very present, as well as menswear inspired blouses.

    My favorite pieces had to be the long legged rompers. A sleeker and more mature take on summer’s favorite mini romper. Kros’ version had a racerback and loose boyfriend bottom. The straps were detailed with interesting twists and braiding. Best of all, the fabric chosen was in a lightweight shiny silk. One in a muted white and another in hand painted plaid.

    The Safari look made a small appearance as well. Some interesting prints that were used were pastel animal silhouettes and an oversized zebra print. Tops were paired with wide olive green canvas belts with brown leather trim.

    Another Safari influence shows up on the shoes that walked the fashion show as well. Super cute espadrilles with colored patent trim walked the runway. Love them! They elongate your legs while keeping it casual and comfortable. This show truly made me look forward to spring so its a good thing that L.A. winters aren’t too long! After bundling up I’ll be ready for some light fun colors and breezy fabrics.

    Whitley Kros definitely got my attention, not to mention that of a few notable A-listers: Danny Masterson, Selina Gomez, and Privileged stars Joanna Garcia, Kristina Apgar, and Anne Archer.

    Looking forward to seeing what else Fashion Week in L.A. has in store! –Elizabeth in LA will be covering the MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK AT SMASHBOX STUDIOS in Los Angeles.

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    Whitley Kros in-store:

    Published on October 13, 2008

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