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  • Tinko’s Takes: Luxurious Food Presentations

    The Elegant Platter

    Almost too gorgeous to eat…

    When it comes to home entertaining, the food presentation should be as beautiful to look at as delicious to savor. On a shoot for Nathalie Findlay Lifestyling, a lifestyle consultant service based in Paris, Tinko shares his photographs of a sumptuous gourmet display that will surely brighten any table and add elegance to every special occasion.

    Notice Nathalie’s use of simple yet luscious foods such as artichokes, raspberries, open pomegranates, and lemons to add texture and visual elegance to the silver platter. Her placement of the shellfish in combination with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and roses make for a rich and delicious presentation worthy of a Renaissance master.

    Gorgeous Food

    Discover your inner food stylist and consider the placement of the colors of your food for the holidays- the red lobster with artichokes for Christmas and the light crab with white roses and seashells for New Year’s Eve. It’s not to late to think of last minute ways to luxuriate your holiday dinners. Divine!


    –December 25, 2008

    Published on December 25, 2008

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