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  • Diane Kruger in Balmain Resort – How To Wear A Leather Skirt Now

    Diane Kruger Leather Skirt

    Diane Kruger in Balmain sheds new light on how to wear a leather skirt now – not to mention nailing nautical elements and making open-toe booties look right!

    We’ve been saving Diane Kruger’s image from an appearance at the recent Cannes Film Festival for weeks now as there are so many trends going on that somehow work together.

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    And while trends come as a surprise from the considerably styled actress, here they work to evoke an unexpected dose of grace and strength in the form of truly inspirational elements.

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    For one thing, leather continues to gain momentum as go-to brands like Chloe and Celine have been championing them for over the past five seasons.

    But what makes it so fresh and approachable as of late is the surprising iterations we’ve been seeing. From leather shirt-dresses to t-shirts to drindle skirts, leather has now become a substantial element to consider when approaching wardrobe solutions.

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    Sure, it conjures more of a fall/winter association at first, especially in the midst of a hot stateside summer, but by pairing her Balmain leather skirt with a sturdy looking, ultra-smart take on a classic nautical top along with open-toe booties (that for once don’t spoil an outfit!) with a graphic strength, Kruger looks sensational and quite inspirational to boot.

    Balmain Resort 2013

    What to look for:

    • Look for a solid color with little to no ornamentation
    • Consider retro-inspired shapes a go-to this season as they radiate easy elegance
    • Leave the bombshell numbers by the way side, anything too body-con and alluring is a no-no
    • The more minimal the better as you want to a highlight a key silhouette in the most luxe of components
    • While we like Balmain’s flirty a-line number, anything with an alternative shape when it comes to leather makes for a welcome addition
    • Keep the waist a focal point however as leather skirts can add bulk -add a belt, tuck in your blouse…
    • Kruger’s look carefully balances a nautical/military vibe with strong pieces that emanate strength
    • Open-toe booties with work here as the thick heel adds a structural balance while cut-outs keep the piece looking less ‘boot’

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    Kruger Photo: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/GettyImages Balmain Photo: Balmain

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