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  • That old gray man, he ain’t what he used to be… Tips to dye body hair

    That old gray man, he ain't what he used to be… Tips to dye body hair

    Q:That old gray man, he ain’t what he used to be… Tips to dye body hair

    Hi, I am going on a cruise in April and in getting ready to prepare, I noticed that my chest hair has become quite gray.

    Is there a product I can use to dye the hair on my chest?

    I don’t want to get rid of the hair but would like to get rid of some of the gray. Can I safely use any over the counter product or do I need to be careful about what I use? I would appreciate any information you could share with me. (Ewing, NJ)


    Sweetie, you just noticed that your chest hair has turned gray?! That’s what scares me, don’t you ever look at yourself? If you don’t, the rest of your appearance is probably worse from wear! In this age of metrosexual madness, it’s no longer taboo for a man to take some extra care in personal grooming.

    Gray chest hair is really not a big deal. What is far more unappealing is unruly gruesome chest hair that’s grown to such an extended length that it forms long, curly projectiles which wrap over your shirt collar and bend back to reach the button. Trim that forest! You’ll be cooler in both temperature and appearance.

    What about back and shoulder hair? One word, wax.

    If your inner peacock feels more self-confident with a hairy chest that’s any color other than gray, I’ve got Hollywood beauty barber and hair dresser George Caroll, to share one of his Hollywood Beauty Secrets used to dye chest hair or any body hair including pubic hair.

    • Mix one ounce of shampoo with one ounce of permanent hair tint (this is called a soap cap). Tip: “Permanent tint” is best for complete coverage and a long lasting effect. To achieve a natural blonde, red or golden shade, use a high-lifting tint or oil bleach.
    • Apply to chest hair and lather up
    • Leave the diluted tint-shampoo mixture on for 5-10 minutes the first time to see how well it covers
    • Note: If the hair is very gray or the first test didn’t cover well enough, leave the soap cap on for 15-20 minutes
    • Shower off

    Now go on and strut your stuff. Burt Reynolds watch out…

    –April 15, 2004


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