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    You don’t need an oversized budget to have style, just some imagination.

    I’ve switched from the uber foofy "uptown" salon experience to a far more casual downtown vibe and can’t say that my hair looks any different, if not just a bit more vibrant.

    Gone is the pomp and circumstance of excess luxury, including the strange service of providing a clear plastic shield to cover your handbag — –similar to a wet umbrella bag– so it shouldn’t incur any splatter during the hair styling process.

    Kristina Gress

    Kristina Gress

    Chichi salon behind me, I now spot what appears to be an antique book with a dangling Mac power cord on the hair stylist’s counter. It’s a far cry from the de rigueur crocodile Birkin festooned in what boils down to a handbag condom at my former salon.

    I had to know what this vintage/tech mash-up was and who belonged to it.

    The suber fab and very incognito laptop case disguised as an old book belonged to equally fab and greatly adorned Kristina "KISS" Gress, an accessories designer and assistant to the shoe designer Ruthie Davis at RADesign.

    Kristina was more than workin’ the rocker warrior fashion trend that’s so hot right now. Even though many of her accessories are right on trend, I have to say that Kristina’s edgy punked out look seems organic to her personal style rather than the latest fashion affectation.

    No cookie-cutter style here…

    Obviously, with an interest in accessories, Kristina’s look has a fantastic attention to its plentiful and diverse details— do note, that none carry a super crazy price tag. But all, create a look that is VERY personal. Peek at the style details and do think a bit out of the box the next time YOU get dressed.

    Here’s a list of what KISS was rockin’ that day, in her words:

    • Double finger/half brass knuckle ring: NYC Soho street vendor
    • Oversized Agate stone ring : Turkish Stone from street vendor at Portobello Market in Notting Hill, London (World famous street market)
    • Skull bracelet: street vendor on Broadway in SoHo at NYC street fair – real cow bone carved into little monkey skulls
    • Silver band cuff bracelet : engraved piece in honor of friend sent away to Iraq for the war
    • Silver bike chain bracelet: Girl Props – shop in SoHo, NYC
    • Black leather studded bracelet: Saint Mark’s Place – Trash & Vaudville – NYC
    • Fringe chain necklace – a gift from a friend traveling in Barcelona
    • Bullet necklace on own chain: Saint Mark’s Place – NYC
    • Leather belt: thrift store in PA – added own snap closure and little studs
    • Wife beater tank – Target
    • Beige high waisted skirt- American Apparel
    • Tights – ripped/torn by me – H&M
    • Sunglasses – Ray-Ban
    • Leather Bag – Kale
    • Metallic Jazz flats – Steven Madden
    • Antique book Macbook case- Tekserve, NYC


    Vintage Chic Street Style- Make It Personal

    Photos: FocusOnStyle

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