Celebrity Business Brand Training is a 3-Month, customized, personalized, virtual One-on-One mentoring and development intensive designed to help you get you and your business out there.

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In this exclusive, by invitation opportunity, you will essentially have me as an integral part of your team as your celebrity business mentor consulting with you on your next best moves to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner.

There are no cookie-cutter ways to grow a business and every client is at a different stage in her/his business. As this is personalized and One-on-One Private Mentoring the consulting agenda is tailored to your individual needs. Delivered by phone or Skype.

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   Celebrity Brand Business Training 3-Month Program areas of focus may include:

Strategic focus based on your individual business needs can include: Positioning, brand messaging, visual messaging, product creation, branding, style, website, collateral material, social media, marketing, sales, sales funnels, launch elements, client attraction, look, business model, media/pr, media training, outreach, reel, podcasts, video, landing pages, optin offers, tech stuff, software, apps, and SEO.

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a business degree in Marketing and a graduate of an extensive amount of business and personal development programs and high-level masterminds, our work together is based on how I successfully run my online business since 1999.

I am only able to work with a limited amount of clients at a time leaving very few openings.  

Focusing in over the course of 3 months, this intensive Gold program is catered to those positioned to earn more.


Kickoff One-on-One Private Coaching Call with Sharon:
On our kick-off call, we will get clear about where you are, your goals, and the most importune next steps to get there.
(90 Minutes)

Two Monthly Calls with Sharon:

One-on-One Private Coaching on second and third month.
(45 minutes each)

Full Email/Text Access to Sharon

SOS Calls:
During EST Business hours SOS Calls for specific emergencies that need to be answered beyond text or email during EST Business hours.

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