Guest Post Submission Guidelines & Editorial Suggestions for Experts

Thank you for your suggestion to CONTRIBUTE A GUEST POST on, the expert fashion, beauty & style site, delivering can-do chic online since 1999.

Due to popular demand, we are considering individual guest posts from experts in their field along with founder Sharon and our Masthead of Expert Contributors.



Here’s the thing: We get pitched A LOT for guest posts.

Therefore, we are not able to consider submissions that may overlap with what has already been published, are already on our editorial schedule, are not written in the editorial style or viewpoint of FoS (please be a reader of the site before you blindly pitch, we can tell), totally off-topic (the nerve!), or are an ad or promotion attempting to be veiled as editorial (CHEASY), and are not on a topic that you are an expert.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR evergreen posts that offer a fresh and modern style prospective, are well-written in a friendly, engaging and upbeat tone that provides a takeaway tip with actionable advice to best serve our savvy reader and add value to her busy life.

*** YOU MUST BE AN EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD *** sharing insider tips about what YOU do for a living. For example: a stylist sharing fashion tips, lifestyle coach writing about style & performance, a nutritionist writing about diet tips, a fashion historian talking about vintage style, a makeup art sharing a beauty how-to, a hair stylist writing a step by step for the latest do, a business coach sharing interview dress tips, etc.

In advance, we encourage you to join our newsletter to become familiar with our editorial flow.

WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE submissions that are self-serving, promotional or a press release, from an SEO content farm, sound like a text book, do not have a national interest, and do not offer at least one takeaway tip… those end up in our round file. As does anything coming from social media marketers that contain the freebie promo seeking phrase “we’d  love it if you would share (this sweepstakes, Facebook contest or any other brand promotion- that’s called advertising!) with your readers.”  Dedicated sponsored post inquiries here.

We only consider LEGITIMATE AND ON TOPIC EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS WITH ACTIONABLE ADVICE from the writer not his or her representative. We prefer those written in the first person based on your professional expertise.

Please note that it can take us at least TWO WEEKS to respond to your pitch if we are interested. Please do not send “reminder emails” within that time, but you can send a quick Tweet or Facebook DM after a week. Odds are that if we are interested, we will get back to you right away. Regrettably, we are not staffed to reply to every email pitch that we receive.

Since hitting the delete key makes us pretty unhappy too and we value your time just as much as we value ours, you can send us a brief query along with links to SAMPLES of your published work before your submission to run it by us.

In a nutshell, please make sure your original submission:

  • — is based on your professional insights- again, YOU MUST BE AN EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD. It’s about YOU sharing what YOU do and why it can help our readers.
  • — is on-topic for a sophisticated woman who wants to make the most of what she’s got with actionable expert advice to amp up her everyday style.
  • — is written in a friendly, upbeat, and smart style that conveys your unique voice within our editorial schema. We prefer first person in an American conversational style.
  • —shares actionable takeaway tips based on your personal & professional story.
  • — is evergreen and does not refer to a specific & timely news event.
  • — is EXCLUSIVE TO US. You  are welcome to write on the same topic somewhere else (as an expert, we are sure you do). However, the wording and general thrust of posts that appear on FocusOnStyle should not appear in the same form elsewhere.
  • — is between 450-750 well-edited words.
  • — does not infringe on any copyright laws.
  • — is fact-checked and you have obtained any and all clearances in connection with the submission.
  • — is complete with all information, link text, and good to go.
  • — includes your byline, along with a one to two line bio blurb and one link to your site.

Submission Format:

  • Everything submitted for a single post should be included in a SINGLE email.
  • Post content is included in BOTH the body of the email and in an attached text document. Sorry, WordPress is not friendly to Word or Google Docs. Do not use any other pre-formatted program as it interferes with our CSS and may be rejected.
  • Headline is in title text– no caps.
  • We appreciate an accompanying lead image that you OWN the copyright or license for each Guest Post. (Please crop verticals to 500×320 and horizontals to 470 wide; jpg preferred). Photo credit is included (ex; Photographer: Name)


  • We do not accept outside affiliate links on Guest Posts. Please do not embed them as we may reject the post if we have to remove them.
  • Relevant story links (no more than two per post) should include the URL in brackets within the content, immediately after the body text you’d like the link to appear.
  • Don’t forget to include a link back to you in your bio blurb.
  • We’d  be grateful if you would link back to your post on FocusOnStyle on your site and include its URL in your social media engagement.


  • We prefer submissions to be as close to “ready to publish” as possible without needing clarification or much editing. However, alteration for style and SEO may be necessary on our part.
  • You acknowledge that FocusOnStyle has the right to edit or otherwise alter the content and  shall not object to any such alterations.

The Rest:

  • As a guest blogger, you understand that there is no payment, monetary or otherwise, for the Guest Post on FocusOnStyle other than one promotional hyperlink back to your website or social media page.
  • All right, title and interest in and to the Guest Post content, will at all times belong solely and exclusively to FocusOnStyle for use in any manner or media it may make or authorize throughout the world in perpetuity.  


Great! If you are A MATCH to what we seek, we are delighted to have you allow us to consider you as a guest on our site.

Again, if you are a content marketer, STOP here, don’t even bother to clutter our inbox… we only consider the viewpoints of a very select and small group of professionals who are sharing their tips.


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