Uplevel Your Look + Presence On Stage And Video 

Become the unforgettable speaker that everyone takes note of and wants to buy from

You don't need to be a fashionista to know how to elevate your personal brand on stage or in video. 

You just need to be aware that you are sending the right message.

As the face of your brand, you are it’s initial compelling commodity.

 If you want to earn the cash you deserve, never forget that it takes under seven seconds to make a first impression-- the way you look and present yourself makes an important statement even before you’ve begun to speak. 

By dressing like the supreme, sharp, self-assured woman you aspire to be, you are motivating and empowering yourself to actually become that woman,Rachel Roy, designer

Here's how the limited time special opportunity rolls...

Act Fast: It's first come, first served. I made this limited offer crazy cheap so you have no excuses to not look your best... get in before it's gone.

Get Impact: You will be able to analyze your industry to gain clarity on the best way to present yourself on stage to level up your wow factor. 

Plan On it: You will get fun and informative takaway strategies so you will always be able to easily see the direction you need to go when you want to project a successful image on stage and off.

Get Going: You will walk away with all you need to know to begin to amp your presence so you can get further in your career even if you are fashion-phobic, not quite sure how to present yourself or simply want a spot check to step up.

The Goal: To free yourself from worrying or ignoring your appearance so you can show up as the best total package you can be for the most impactful first impression. 

Special Offer


(Value $497)



You will see what it takes to look dynamic, successful, approachable and a cut bove the rest, along with precise slylist tips to master image. 

Bonus- Beauty Tips On Camera + Stage

BONUS VIDEO- How To Use Pinterest to design your look


You + Me honing in on what you need to do to confidently reflect your best self while reviewing your look so you can be on top of your A-game when on stage and when the camera rolls.


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You will learn essential methods you can easily implement to master what it takes to present your best form without agonizing if you are doing it right.


#1 HOW TO BE SEEN eBOOK-Stylist Tips To Look Like A Success on Video And Stage

#2 SPEAKER + VIDEO STYLE CHEAT SHEET- 7 Easy Ways to Uplevel Your Look + Presence on Stage and Video

I created these 2 downloadable resources to assist you in preparing for your next video shoot or speaking engagement so that you can confidently be seen in the right light to make your mark.

After working with Sharon, I not only can dress in my own taste for my brand, but now I know that I should because it will actually help build my brand - and I get to enjoy my style even more!

Nicole Isler - Coach for Sensitive Souls + Speaker, BigDreamAwakening.com

" Sharon helped me find the classic look I was going for with my brand. 

It makes me feel good to be in front of people when I am excited about what I am wearing. 

Because when you aren't happy about the way you look, you dont want to be in front of anyone."

Amy Morrison Hewel - Health & Lifestyle Expert, AmyHewel.com

About Sharon Haver

I'm known to many as the fashion mentor to busy professionals who desire to refine their personal style so that they can successfully show up like a pro!

I am a New York fashion stylist turned style mentor, fashion expert, bootstrapping web entrepreneur and the founder of FocusOnStyle.com, online since 1999, the creator of The C'est Chic Crash Course, and the author of StyleWORD, Fashion Quotes For Real Style.


Why put off taking your appearance to the next level? 

You've invested so much in your business, in your personal development, in your career. Don't waste the investment you made in yourself because you are missing one important piece of the puzzle... how to make a strong impression on stage and on video.

“People who know the difference, know the difference, you’re not fooling anyone, " Larry Winget

Now is your time to boost your earning potential. Now is your time to move ahead.

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