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    They’re Baaaack In Style… The top 10 fresh Fall 2002 trends that are not in your working wardrobe… promise!

    The top 10 fresh Fall 2002 trends that are not in your working wardrobe… promise!

    The top 10 fresh Fall 2002 trends that are not in your working wardrobe… promise!

    Dear Sharon: My wardrobe is full of great basicsů I love well-cut black clothes. I also have a slew of peasant styles from last season that I am completely sick of, besides, I think, they are on their way out of fashion anyway.

    I want something new to zip up my everyday fall wardrobe, but not a trend that’s so saturated, like that peasant thing again, that I see my look coming and going. What’s new, stylish, and not seen on every girl (at least not yet!) who follows fashion? – Ahead of the Pack (New York, NY)

    Dear Ahead of the Pack: Every season, fashion gets infused with new styles. The key to trend longevity, if there can be such a thing, is to find the trend on the way up before it hits the masses like a fireball gone wild.

    If your personal style is more of-the-momentthan classic, that means update with a few, inexpensive key looks, and emphasis the cutting-edge ones that will take a bit longer to spread to the main stream.

    The trend gone mad right now is lacingů from lace-back boots to corset inspired romantic blouses- anything that ties up is "it". So don’t bother with a pricey top designer version because next season it will be totally dated. Instead, go with a cool designer look-alike.

    "The fashion Ford" of this season is a dramatically laced-front, black blouse by Tom Fordfor Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. Be thrifty on the obvious trend and consider a particularly fetching Zara version that’s obviously inspired by this blouse of the season and then splurge on a designer staple, like lean, black pants to wear with it and everything else!

    Covet more up and coming trends that we know aren’t in your working wardrobe, yet!


    Because this new crop of too cute trends are a blast from style past.

    The best part of these European street styles is that if you can’t find them at your local mall, you can sure find them in vintage shops or on eBay. Then again, they’re sooo fresh, you may want to scoop up a top designer splurge right now!

    Fast forward to retro redo. Be the first to rediscover:

    Culottes, Gauchos, and Knickers– We can’t stop cooing over how darn cute these look right now. If theJean Paul Gaultier clever culottes, Louis Vuitton denim culottes, the Max Mara salt and pepper tweed gaucho, or the burnt orange Keenan Duffy gaucho pant are out of your league, keep your eyes peeled for lesser-priced denim versions in the junior department and gabardine knickers atH & M. Want to fake some knickers? Do the Prada thing and tuck pants into a great pair ofů

    Slouchy Boots-Tight ankles have been around long enough. Give it up for a gutsy pair of slouchy, droopy midcalf boots that ask to hold a drapey pair of pants.

    Skinny Pants– Lot’s of ankle details, like shirring, slit sides, or the double-wow draped pants at Gucci, or the super slinky shirred drainpipe pants at Catherine Malandrino.

    Chunky Sweaters– Wonderful, voluminous, floppy, sweaters with more than a hint of hand-knitted embellishment. There’s nothing more now than the Stella McCartneysuper-textured sweater or an oversized Missoni zigzag pattern that welcomes an exposed shoulder. Plus, they look fantastic over a skinny pair of pants!

    Capes– Swing out, sweet sister, shed that shawl and get dramatic. Do as Marc Jacobs does, wear a mile-long knit scarf with a knee-length cape or try a crocheted capelet a la Burberry. Every town is now Cape Town!

    All-In-Ones– Jumpsuits in every incarnation from flight suits, corsets, one-piece tuxedos, tailored jackets with legs, fakes that look like 2-piece dressing to whatever style you can slip into in a snap found a version on almost every runaway, including Hugo Boss, Julien MacDonald, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, and Diane Von Furstenberg. Got the picture? Drink one less glass of water and you’ll find all the fashion you need in an all-in-one.

    Opaque Hose– After seasons of bare legs and fishnet stockings, opaque and textured hoselook so right again. Don’t cop out on style with this one— funk up the obvious. Valentino shows black opaque hose with gold boots and good-taste classics. Bright white opaque hose at Keenan Duffy graphically awakens aů

    Fluffy Mini Skirt– Top the short list but keep the girly feeling fresh, not tarty. The flirty mini skirt is the perfect young look that has legs into next spring 2003.

    About last season’s peasant look? Cleverly mix just one element with something fresh and you’ll stretch it’s trendiness a bit longer.

    —October 7, 2002

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    Published on October 07, 2002