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    Fall Fashion – Wardrobe Tips to build a chic wardrobe with the latest fashions:

    Build a chic wardrobe with the latest fashions

    Dear Sharon: I follow your fashion advice and tips regularly, but never thought that I would write in. I’ve been looking at all the fashion magazines and it seems that last season’s fall fashion has really changed. I bought a bunch of new things for fall last year, but I’m not sure that they will fit in to this year’s fashion trends. I’m not terribly interested in looking trendy, I prefer to look more up-to-date and stylish. I bought a couple of bubble skirt dresses last year and some oversized sweaters that I’m afraid will now look dated. Can I still wear my bubble dress and not look like I’m trapped in a time bubble? What else should I consider buying to look like I’m on trend with this year’s fashion calendar? —Same Time, Next Year, Cleveland OH

    Dear Same Time: Hey, I warned you about those bubble skirts last year! Remember, ôCute for a few wearings only,ö I smelled a fad in that one. But don’t despair, you can still get a few more outings of your cute little bubble before it bursts completely out of style, but I sure as heck wouldn’t buy another one. Then, if you still love the puffy skirt, take it to a tailor to remove the band at the hem, and voila, you’ll transform last year’s trendy look into this season’s must-have, a shapely full and flared skirt! Last season’s oversized sweaters can be fashionably reworked this season by nipping in the waist with a wide belt to create a more sculpted chic hourglass silhouette, which is most definitely the shape of the moment, and big knits are a fashion must-have.

    Appreciate how to never go out and commit fashion overkill with a fad– a little peppering up with a one hit wonder is fine, but not too much. Fashion comes in and out of styleŚ if silhouettes didn’t change every season, there would be nothing exciting to motivate you to go out and shop. A clever girl, understands how to put together the style tweaks in her wardrobe to present herself as modern, fresh, and ahead of the curve.


    As the eye continues to go up and away from the belly-baring, butt-crack revealing shapes of the past few seasons, we are now in a fashion placeŚfinally– where sexy is more sophisticated, less crass and far more class. There’s a certain air of elegance and love of distinction that completes the styling to a more dressmaker, tailored shape that is feminine, rich, and regal, but never stuffy!

    When adding to your wardrobe, choose the colors of the season to instantly impact simple styles. Shades of purple, navy, teal, goldenrod, and emerald offset classic gray in a way that’s modern, fresh, and vibrant. These very lush colors are the perfect offset to the draping, pleats, and gathers which abound. The soft glow continues with fabrics with a discreet luminescence like silk charmeuse, silk satin, chiffon, brocades, and metallic mesh.

    Leather hasn’t been this popular in years! Reach out of the box of classic black leather and grab shades of gray, taupe, gold, navy, or purple.

    You will most definitely want to embrace the menswear influence and try a pair ofwide-leg trousers, worn with a fab oxford lace-up or Mary Jane platform shoes. A billowy blouse and cute beret add a feminine touch or try a matching vest and oxford shirtů this time with sexy peep-toe pumps. Serious hats and ladylike gloves are having a fashion revival, but I wouldn’t get too carried away with the hat trend beyond classic styles. A natty chapeaux is always an unexpected touch, but too much of the hat trend can remind you why they went out of fashion in the first place except for practical purposes like to keep you warm or protect you from the sun.

    Matched suitsľ skirted or pants– and lovely day dresses thrive with hemlines both above and below the knee. Since the look is matched, you can add some panache with contrasting colored shoes and dark tights. Wear the jacket with a blouse and fill up the open neckline with amajor statement necklace. If you do chose a slimmer silhouette on your lower body, a big puffer jacket that’s shaped at the waist is both modern and warm.

    Ornamentation packs a punch for both day and night with feathers, fringe, beads, and fluffy faux furŚif you don’t want the drama of a spangly dress, try a kooky yet chic embellished handbag. But whatever you do this season, do with aplomb. This is not the season of the shrinking violet!!

    –September 1, 2007

    Published on September 01, 2007

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