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    It’s all about easy pieces and the right hit of makeup for terrific casual style

    It’s all about easy pieces and the right hit of makeup for terrific casual style

    8 great ways to get casual right now

    Dear Sharon:I will be turning 30 soon and I need some advice on fashion. I dress casually most of the time since I’m astay-at-home mom. But, when I do go out for fun or to my child’s school, I try to look nice.

    My problem is I feel like I am still dressing like a 23 year old. I want to dress more my age so I can fit in with the other mothers but I don’t want to look like June Cleaver. Can you give me some tips on what to wear when I ‘m out and about. I wear a lot of big leg or bellbottom jeans- am I to old for this trend?

    I know 30 is not old, but I don’t want to be one of those women who dress like their teenage daughter. – Momumental Age (Roxboro, NC)


    Dear Momumental Age: Thirty is only old to someone who’s seventeen! Dress for the age you feel and the shape you’re in. However, by the time you do turn the Big 3-0, you should have developed somewhat of a handle on your personal style and what works best for you.

    If you feel like you’re getting a little long in the tooth for a trend, modify it to something a little less girly, but keep the nuance of the look. And, if you think that you can’t continue to look adorable as you get older, think of Goldie Hawn, ’nuff said.

    Children are exhausting, but the most fun and worthwhile pleasure you’ll ever find. Look like you have the spirit and spunk to enjoy your child.

    There are some women who think motherhood is an excuse to wear a tattered, stained, wrinkled, baggy T-shirt with schlumpy pleated khakis and a pair of sneakers that look like you need to head for the hills if they ever took them off in your presence. Their grooming consists of underarm stubble and unkempt hair that hasn’t been cut or styled since their high school graduation photo.

    Frankly, these women are probably as miserable as they look and, unfortunately, love to caste the evil eye over to any other woman who looks like she’s got it going on! Then, of course, there are the moms who claim to spend their spare time kneading dough when not painting the barn all with their hair perfectly placed in a big pink headband- get real!

    Stop trying to “fit in” and be yourself, a lesson you can teach your child to celebrate his or her own uniqueness!

    The younger your children are, the less time you have to spend on yourselfso ‘ya better get it right and quick! There must be hundreds of ways to wear a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. But there are only so many ways to make this look polished and pulled together rather than as a fashion afterthoughtů if you like the way you look in bellbottoms-go for it! It’s all about well-cut effortlessly easy pieces and the right hit of makeup for terrific everyday casual style.

    A stay-at-home or work from home mom is a demanding job in itself. Take extra stress out of your life, by choosing pieces that require minimal care, like the right shape of cotton T-shirt and pants that you can toss in the wash, rather than race to the drycleaner.

    Go for some up-to-the-minute accents that rock on any age:

    Accessories are a no-brainer when it comes to updating any look. If you can add only one thing to your wardrobe, this season make it a statement-making belt to wear with all you otherwise simple basics.

    Then, collect a few play-proof details to keep you looking modern like a forever-comfortable espadrille because it’s an infinitely more fresh choice than an ordinary pair of trainers.

    You have enough basics already, now stripes– or any other color + white print combination are the hot new takeon a classic T-shirt

    Get a folksy embroidered or peasant-inspired top that’s a cross between a homage to early YSL and Lucy stomping grapes.

    A denim skirt in a great shape can go super sporty or be worn with a pair of sexy heels for din din with Daddy-O-make it a mini or the new longer mid-calf length.

    Since you already have some bellbottoms, be sure to get a cropped pair of pants – well-worn jeans or a cute cotton print-that are a way more fashionable summer alternative to a pair of shorts.

    Never neglect a great haircut and can’t live without makeup essentials that pare down your getting ready time to under five or ten minutes! When you barely have a second, a dash of crimson lipstick (yes, the bold red lip is on the rise!) to an otherwise bare-looking face is all the lip service you’ll need to have those muttering maligned seeing red!

    –May 2, 2002

    Published on May 02, 2002

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