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    THE SUIT STRIKES BACK… The once fashion staple make a comeback

    The once fashion staple make a comeback

    Separates have been a mainstay in our wardrobes, and let’s face it, good suits are darn expensive for something that typically can only be fashionably finagled with the switch of a blouse or shoe. Then, there’s that generation who never wore anything more formal than a black sheath dress with a knit cardigan. Not to mention the Internet community who prides itself on the sportier the better. Wanna see more?

    After some time, the switch to the power suit can be almost as much fun as discovering your inner rock star. So here comes the fashion industry ready at the heels to provide what the consumer dreams about: Sexy suits, elegant suits, funky suits, and classic suitsů

    If this is the first time suit buy for you in a while, and you consider this both a fashion purchase and a wardrobe staple, go for the fresh sex appeal of a pantsuit. A perfectly fitting single-breasted jacket with slim fitting pants from Calvin Klein, Helmut Lang, or Giorgio Armani exemplifies clean modern elegance. Add a pair of fantastic heels and you can’t go wrong.

    Talk about hip: From the runways of Carolina Herrera to the Gap, pair a leather blazer with matching skin bootcut pantsů add a chiffon shirt for a quirky feminine touch. Best bet here, both the jacket and pants play double duty on their own with the rest of your wardrobe. If it’s not leather weather outside, shop anyway at Ladies’ TALK Fashion Leather.

    Are you having a Doris Day moment? The 60’s inspired schoolgirl suit in herringbone or tweed gets a modern edge thanks to Marc Jacobs. In a fix, scope vintage shops for these ladylike ensembles, but caveat emptor, this look works best if you are too young to even remember the words to "Que Sera Serß".

    Then there’s that return to the 80’s: Some sharp shoulders (not the old linebacker ones), a low belt here and there, dynamic embellishments in odd places, motorcycle jacket zippers, and a hit in the eye to Aaron Spelling’s "Dynasty". Aw, you, know,The Dynasty Years : Hollywood Television… This trend works if you have plenty of fashion chutzpa, otherwise, no matter what, you’ll look like you haven’t changed your clothes for the past twenty years-major ouch.

    If you can’t get the label, get the look. But, you can’t really skimp too much on quality here– cheap suits, are plainly, cheap suits. So play with what you have, you most likely won’t be buying an extravagant suit wardrobe. There’s even a cool New Suit at

    Don’t be shy when it comes to criss-crossing suit trends. The little tweed ladylike jacket and the leather pants. The slim pants and a same color simple turtleneck for a monochromatic feel. Slip-on the single breasted blazer-worn open– over a razzle dazzle new-wave cocktail dress. Wear the leather blazer to death with your favorite jeans. Open your mind and expand your wardrobe.

    Change accessories, makeup, hair, and "Look Like a Millionaire" jewelry toalter the styling and the life of your suit will increase.

    Do the unexpected— blur the line between am and pm. Wear fishnet hose. Perhaps, try matte gold pumps instead of basic black, or a textured leather knee-high boot. A slick textured clutch bag instead of cavernous purse. Tie an outsize silk flower on a ribbon around your neck. Add a furry or feather collar, resting just so. Try gold hoop earrings or a touch of sparkle in your watch. Wear a fedora! Glam-up with side-parted hair, turned under at the ends. Or catch hair back into a modern bun and power up your pout in bold red lipstick. Just don’t do loafers, and a shoulder bag.

    Suits can be an irresistible change of style even if only you have just one.

    Published on January 01, 1998

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