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  • Swimsuit Shopping 101… Learn what it takes to look better almost naked

    Learn what it takes to look better almost naked

    Dear Sharon: Ugh!!! I’m about to go away on an overdo vacation but after a day of swimsuit shopping, I’m starting to think that my body is best off staying home and under wraps! I really didn’t think my figure was sooo bad until a “trying” day under the fluorescent glare of a dressing room’s light. Now, I feel like a stumpy, lumpy misfit. How can I find a swimsuit that makes me look great— Wants To Be In The Swim

    ear In The Swim:
     Honey, the brutal, unforgiving fluorescent glare of a dressing room could probably make Jennifer Lopez look like yesterday’s cuchifritos. Then again, direct sunlight can be pretty nasty too when it comes to unveiling imperfections.

    So when it comes to looking great at the beach, don’t sink in the drink of dressing room despair-you are perfectly normal.

    In over a decade of my experience as a fashion stylist, I have dressed tons of buffed models who also tried on a barrage of bathing suits until we found the perfect fit

    Whether it is having too many curves or not enough, alas dressing room horrors can be washed away and soon you will learn How to Stuff a Wild Bikini.

      Before you put your toes in the sand, master this quick primer to 
     look your beach best

     .Divert the eye to your assets.
    · Color and shape create 
    imaginary curves.
    · Lines create 
    optical illusions.
    · Cutouts, fabric changes and motifs create 
    focal points.
    · Dark colors, lined suits and delicate prints are 
    slimming, both wet and dry.
    · Light colors, flimsy fabrics and shiny fabrics add 
    dimension to slim figures.
    · White and light colors become 
    transparent when wet, if they are not fully lined.
    · Neon, fluorescent and extremely bright colors look best on 
    dark or tanned skin.
    Fill out shortcomings with full details such as ruffles, shirring or gathers.
    Control abundance with support linings.
    · The suit length should have a 
    sleek fit and not yank up or drag down.
    · The top of the swimsuit should be as 
    flattering as your best bra.
    · Thongs, G-strings, tongas and triangle-back bikini bottoms should only be worn on
    toned, firm, cellulite and stretchmark-free behinds.
    · For a sure terrific fit, always 
    check your rear view in a three-way mirror.
    · The 
    skimpier the suit, the tighter the body should be.
    · Whisper-light fabrics 
    exaggerate lumps and bumps.
    · A light tan 
    slenderizes… don’t forget a strong sunscreen. 
    · There’s nothing wrong with wearing a paero to 
    cover up if that makes you feel comfortable. 
    Don’t kid yourself- find the fit that creates a million-dollar bod. 

    Daaaaaarling, you look sun-sational! Now, go and enjoy your vacation.

    Dear Sharon: What is the best fabric for a slimming swimsuit–Slenderella
    Dear Slenderella:
     Lycra is God’s way of saying 
    hold that tiger, “because it gently shapes and sculpts the figure and allows you to move with ease and comfort,” according to Linda Kearns of Dupont Lycra.


    Copyright (c)1998-2001 Sharon Haver


    Published on January 01, 1998

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