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  • Men in Hose- Love It or Leave It

    Men in Hose- Love It or Leave It

    Q:Re: Men in Hose- Love It or Leave It.

    RE: Men in Hose- Love It or Leave It


    Thanks Sharon for your open-minded comments about men’s hosiery. There are many men, including myself, who wear hosiery for comfort, support and looks. Several hosiery manufacturers now offer products for men.

    Nylon & lycra are soft, man-made fabrics that feel very smooth to the skin, unlike rougher wools & cottons that men traditionally have had no choice but to wear. Whoever said these fabrics were strictly limited to women?

    In my opinion, hosiery works equally well for men and women (we both have legs) and men should not be intimidated to adopt some clothing that has been traditionally, in the last century only, labeled feminine. Men who wear hosiery for comfort, support and looks are confident of their masculinity, mostly happily married and lead successful careers, like me.

    It’s no big deal – just like putting on a shirt or a pair of pants. I don’t wear any other “feminine”-labeled clothing and feel that men can maintain their masculinity if their choose to wear hosiery. Men’s fashion choices today are wider and more colorful, no longer limited and conformist.
    J.J., U.K.


    Yes, it’s been a long time since men showed off their legs in thigh opaque hose (Middle Ages/Renaissance) and fairly long since well-dressed men showed off their well-shaped legs up to the knee in sheer silk hose (George Washington’s time), but now with women in traditional men’s clothes and asking for equality, why not INSIST on men wearing pantyhose, foundation garments, and at least medium-heeled pumps like Madison and Franklin?

    I would encourage all women and men to dress in something like L’Eggs Active Support PH while flying to stave off the serious circulatory problems that put Dan Quayle in the hospital. On my 26 flights last year that I was in Active Support all the way. While they work fine for me, I am interested in trying the Comfilons designed a bit more for the male anatomy in a key location.

    BTW, I have never seen a woman in hosiery who would have looked better in bare legs. I think men might look better in something like Sheer Energy too. No, I don’t wear my hosiery with shorts, but who knows what we’ll all be wearing in 10 years? I never thought we’d see women walking down the haut-couture runways without a trace of hosiery or underwear with only a loose, sheer blouse covering part of the trunk above their navel ring?
    JDWH1 (Tripod)


    A word of caution. You used the word “mannyhose” in describing our product. You should know that the word “Mantyhose” is a trade name for a cheap, sleazy nylon pantyhose with a sheath for “male equipment.” It is sold as an adult novelty item. We don’t want that association of course, and I’m not suggesting that you have done anything wrong. I just wanted you to be aware of the close connection. Otherwise your response was fine and we appreciate your mention of our ComfiLon brand and the link to our web site.

    As an aside, I disagree with your assessment about wearing pantyhose or colored tights with shorts, on men or women. I think that look is fine. On men, they are certainly better than pale, hairy legs with dark sagging ankle socks and black shoes. Yuck! And most women don’t have such perfect leg skin that hosiery doesn’t help! Why is it that women will spend zillions on cosmetics for their face but won’t spend anything on an easy way to make bare legs look SO much better? Don’t they know that a lot leg men out there are looking? Most of us can’t figure out why hose with shorts is a fashion no-no.

    One other comment. As you well know, fashions change, and what is “right” for the times now will be “wrong” later and vice versa. Check this out: – Pantyhose and high heels on a man in 1701! Gentlemen dressed in eighteenth century finery wore silk stockings, high heeled shoes, lace, satin, velvet, and wigs, and they were NOT called “sissies!”

    ComfiLon is pushing the gender envelope to get men to show off their legs in a more attractive way than bare and hairy with sagging black ankle socks. There are quite a few men out there who are willing and anxious to wear legwear, judging by our sales! Maybe we’re seeing a fashion change?

    Thanks again Sharon! I’d be interested in your comments.
    GLS Hosiery
    ComfiLon Legwear for Men


    I want to add one other thought to my previous e-mail to you. We are getting a lot of play selling men’s sheer knee highs. Obviously guys aren’t wearing these with shorts, just long pants. Men are discovering what women have known for a long time – their feet stay drier, more comfortable, warmer in cool weather and cooler in warm weather, and less “aromatic” than with heavier socks. Guys wear the nudes and suntans to match their skin for a “barefoot” look that’s more comfortable than shoes without socks. And they wear the jet black, off-black, and dark brown to simulate socks with dress slacks. We’re starting to see a fashion trend here, too, possibly. Just thought you’d like to know. Any opinion?
    GLS Hosiery
    ComfiLon Legwear for Men


    Thanks for your views on men in pantyhose. I’m 50 and have been wearing them for almost 40 years. I enjoy the way they feel. I like the support and I wear them in cooler months for their warmth.

    I can’t relate to the term looking feminine or feeling pretty. It just isn’t in my vocabulary. I enjoy wearing pantyhose and wanted to put one more tally up on the positive side.
    D. Exton, PA

    I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents on men in hose. I’ve been wearing pantyhose since I was 7 years old. Back then I had to hide the fact but now I’m know longer ashamed of it. I wear pantyhose because of leg fatigue because I’m on my feet all day, but I also wear them because they just feel great. I’m married and my wife thinks my wearing hose is just fine. I wear pantyhose almost every day of the week regardless of whether I’m working or not. Good pantyhose have so many benefits that it’s hard to understand why they are just for women. True: women look great in them, but men can benefit from them too. I’m 40 now and very secure with my manhood and wearing hose at the same time. My favorites are L’ Eggs Sheer Energy, and No Nonsense Renew.

    I hope Comfilons and other men’s hosiery makers will soon be marketing in stores. D.L., Highland, IL


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