New Year’s Resolutions: Don’t do that, do this! [Live Video]

New Year's Resolutions- Do this, not that!


Here’s the truth, how about making a New Year’s Resolution that will actually stick?

Trust me, make this THE word to remove from your vocabulary if you REALLY want to move the needle forward in 2018.

Okay dokey, some of you might find this livestream polarizing. Some of you may get your feathers ruffled, and some of you may get really pissed off.

Good for you.

I can’t hold back anymore.

After reading through the b.s. that shows up in my “business feed” inbox, I had to go live and speak the truth. My truth.

Amongst the life coach, business coach crowd, there seems to be a plethora of claiming ” a word” as your motivational, inspirational New Year’s Resolution hack. It’s probably some spin on The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes… I loved the book, but this isn’t that, really.

What this is more like a directive to keep you preoccupied with something safe and gushy until you forget about it in a couple of weeks, if that.

So what I’m asking you to consider is rather than CHOOSING a word for the year, why don’t you ELIMINATE a word from your life?

I get raw. I get real. I speak the truth.

Want to know what word you should eliminate from your being?


That’s right, people make excuses because of fear of failure.

They hold onto limiting beliefs– whether it be because of age, weight, finances, location, perspective, whatever –so that they can glom onto what they can validate to support their choices or mistakes without taking action to actually move forward.

Either dabbling with distractions (the “word” of the year) or clinging to what holds you back (Oh, I can’t do that…) does nothing more than keep you standing in the same spot yearning to go forward. It’s frustrating, counter-productive, and a huge waste of an otherwise brilliant soul.

I challenge you to step into your star power in 2018 and going forward. I challenge you to say yes to what actually gets you from Point A to Point Wherever you Want to Be without glazing over what you realistically need to do to get there.

How’s that sound? Too tough? Too true? Or the just the kick you need to stop kidding yourself and start loving yourself?

You deserve to be the best at being you. Wipe out excuses and thrive!

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Imagine, if you take away your excuses, you won’t have any regrets.

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