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Q. When women shop on their own, what’s their biggest mistake?

A. It’s not the shoe. Not the bag. Not the color. It’s the way you put it all together. On , I always provide a takeaway tip so anyone can understand how to “get” the look for themselves rather than just get it in a store. There’s an understanding of the elements & why they work that’s more important than a greedy need of having the latest thing. I call that “I’ll Have What She’s Having” where I break down how & why a look works so you can tweak it for yourself.

Q. Before someone hires a stylist, what are the top three things they should ask?

A. I’ve been in this business for well over 25 years. I help the everyday woman make the most of what she’s got by mastering stylist skills to be the celebrity in her life & empower the style of her personal brand.

1.) Before you hire a stylist, you should think about if you really need a stylist or would rather like to know what it takes to get yourself together?
2.)If you are booking a photo session for yourself, I would hire a stylist & ask if that stylist has experience on shoots because nothing appears the same way in photos as it does in real life.
3.) If you are the type of person who likes to have someone do everything for you and really hates the idea of shopping, I’d look for a personal shopper with “done for you” options and get to know the stylist’s shopping haunts first to see if you’re a good match. You don’t want to imagine Martin Margiela when you think of cute and your stylist is gravitating to Anthropologie… be on the same wave length.

Q. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Is there one fashion rule that applies to everyone?

A. Understand what works on you, not the picture in the magazine!

Q. If you could pick one thing to toss from every woman’s closet, what would it be?

A. Anything with a designer logo that you can clearly read from a foot away. Your presence should be what stands out, not someone else’s branding.

Q. Do you have any trend predictions for the upcoming season?

A. I’m loving the refined suiting, below the knee skirts, update on animal prints and luxe moto jackets, especially at Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2014. Rather than pine away for pieces that won’t be out for months and are most likely financially unreachable, why not take the inspiration from collections and spin your take on it to wear now? It’s so much more stylish & individual… plus, I bet you can find similar silhouettes in the stores now.

Q. Which designer do you think is going to be the next “big thing?”

A. Every next big thing, has the next big thing on its heels. I think timeless elegance with a bit of edge will be the next big thing and the one after that and the one after that. The designer whose pieces endure will be the one. That said, I appreciate J.W Anderson’s often humorous take on avant-garde, Simone Rochas’ gallery girl take on feminine charm and naivete and Veronica Beard’s practical wardrobe essentials. Plus I love seeing the curated new designs stocked at the new Dover Street Market in NYC.

Q. Do you have any inspirational quotes or mottos you live by as a stylist?

A. I’m really excited about launching #StyleWord on #StyleWord is a daily motivational quote, affirmation, or style tip to keep your stylish juices flowing and share on social media if you like. You can subscribe to StyleWords to your inbox or catch on FocusOnStyle. My favorite #StyleWord is, “There are no cookie cutter rules to style.”

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