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  • Scratchy Clothing, sequin dress relief… Taking the ouch out of uncomfortable clothes

    Scratchy Clothing, sequin dress relief... Taking the ouch out of uncomfortable clothes

    Q:Scratchy Clothing, sequin dress relief… Taking the ouch out of uncomfortable clothes

    I recently purchased the most adorable dress for my high school reunion. The top eighth of the dress is decorated in sequin trim which gives it a bit of sparkle, without being overdone or matronly.

    However, the sequins really scratched up the underside of my upper arm just from trying it on in the store! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this had happened until AFTER I got home.

    Do you have any advice on how to prevent the sequin trim dress from scratching me? I really don’t want to return the dress because it’s so looks so flattering on me. (Lebanon, OH)


    Sweetheart, clothing is not supposed to injure us, no matter how adorable we look wearing it. An accidental nick from a zipper getting stuck, that I can see, but to be scratched from a dress acting like a feral cat in a bag, is simply insane.

    Obviously, this is a poorly designed garment and the manufacturer was cutting corners when they made the dress in the first place by either using a cheesy sequin with a raw edge or by attaching it with plastic thread or yucky glue that is grating against your skin.

    It’s insane to think consider that you actually want to wear this mad kitty of a cocktail dress when you got bruised in the
    brief time that you were in the dressing room— what’s going to happen after night of partying in it? Your arms will look like you were rolling around on barbed wire!

    The store should be more than agreeable to give you your money back and return the dress to the manufacturer because of its design defect. You can then find something that looks equally as fetching on you without causing bodily harm.

    If you remain to be stubborn and insist on wearing something that breaks your skin, you can try protecting your arm with a spray-on liquid bandage or bringing the dress to a tailor and having it’s armholes lowered or the sequins removed from the area that rubs against you. I really don’t see why you want to put any more money into trying to salvage this disaster of a dress. Move on from that irritating dress.

    –August 26, 2007


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