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Tell your story from the collar up! 

Learn the stylist formula to look great in photos, be seen as a success, get the perfect profile image, and do it all on your own!

Competing online has changed...

Your success, your influence, your reach online is directly connected to how you are perceived. 

In less than 7 seconds.

Gone are the days of when you can get by without being noticed. 

Or noticed for the wrong reason.

It’s critical that your visual message be connected to your branding. 

Just look at all the successful personality brands- Martha, Oprah, Ellen, Marie, Chalene… you hear their first name and a clear visual image instantly connects you to their world.

You’ve seen all those convoluted lifestyle shoots with online entrepreneurs who don’t have much substance or experience but were posed to have the wow factor. 

You know in your heart of hearts that you have so much more to offer than looking blah. But posing is just not your thing. 

And that is hurting your bottom line.

You have the substance, you have the experience but you keep putting off what you know you need to do— have an amazing photo -- or collection of photos-- so you can be authentically seen as the star you are.

Research shows that people form opinions about how competent you are from how you look. 

And not only that, the more attractive someone is, the more willing audiences are willing to be persuaded by them.

How much more could accomplish if you’d feel more confident in your online presence… if you could be true to you?

End headshot shame. Stop hiding. 

Have a variety of photos that illuminate the best you.

It's easy when you leverage the power of an amazing headshot to be seen as the superstar you are! 

You can do this by yourself, when you need a good photo, in the privacy of your own home!

The Internet has made us all stars.  

Every time you show up online, that visual image of you is just like your magazine cover.  

At first glance, people are going to decide to "buy" you or pass you by.  

How you appear is not just a matter of simply having a decent photo of yourself, it is the hallmark of your personal brand.  

If you want Influence, it is critical that you look like a success. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.  

You probably don't have a personal photographer following you around.  

You probably don't have your own photo studio to jump into whenever you need to update a photo. No worries.

Let's face it, influence starts with attraction. 

If you want to be seen as an expert or a big name, you have to look the part or no one will believe you.  

Sure, you share your slice of life, but there's the 80/20 rule of being both aspirational and relatable.  

Look at the people you are attracted to and want to emulate in influence, they have their visual message on point.  

Visual messaging is easy to master when you know how.  

And, it's distrastous when it's not authentic or aligned with your brand.  

All the tatics and stratgies are lost when your look isn't one that supports your goals.  

You need to attract to convert!  

Of course, you can attract "low hanging fruit" if your branding and visual message isn't that great. Those people already know you- they're probably at the same level as you, or lower.  


If you want to attract high-level clients, if you want to be seen as a leader, and go-to expert to people who never heard of you, it is CRITICAL to walk your walk and look the part.  

Your visual image must be congruent with your business...  

You MUST be positioned to to be perceived as someone who has got their act together... in other words, you must look SUCCESSFUL, RELEVANT, AND ON BRAND, IF you want to attact high-level clients and high-level opportunities.

I'm here to say you DON'T NEED all the "fancy" stuff to have an arsenal of "cover-worthy" photos at your disposal, when you need them.  

BUT you must have profesional, on brand photos to look like an Influencer.  

I spent 15 years on commercial and editorial photo shoots in New York and on location as a well-known stylist.  

 Everything I learned about making something look so irresistible that you wanted to buy it - from, positionong, lighting, branding, objective, hair, makeup, styling, composition, layout, background, to working with a team of art directors, client, ad agency, photography, and glam squad can be replicated on your terms.. to your personal brand... to your budget... with something we all have.  

Our phone! Or computer. Or camera. Whatever is easier at the time works best when you understand the rest.  

So, if you want to stand out online, if you want to be perceived as an Influencer and use all the tactics that your business coach is telling you to do, but you ignore your visual image, you will NEVER get the kind of success that they achieved.  

Becuase they get the importance of a personal brand and you don't.  

But I don't want you to have that sad story. Your headshots are ALL over online.

 I want you to get the attention and supercharge your business by having headshots that position you in the best light to be an Influencer.  

The Why...

I once was petrified to have my picture taken too. 

Concerned that I didn't look great, I wasn't ready, how would I be judged?

The same concerns that so many of you have when it comes to being photographed.

It was even worse for me because I'm a pro and I see all the little things that drive me crazy when they're not right.

For 15 years as a New York fashion stylist on major photo shoots, my career was behind the scenes. 

I wasn't the talent. 

I was the one working with with the client, the art director, the photographer, the model, the rest of the glam team to be sure that the right image was conveyed in every frame.

Fast-forward to being an entrepreneur who is the face of her brand. 

I was suddenly the talent, the STAR of every image of me online, in print, wherever I was representing my business.

My image-- your image-- is just as critical to be on message as the Vogue magazine covers that I styled!

It was scary making the shift. 

But I took EVERYTHING I knew from being a stylist and turned in on myself as if I was "the model." I kinda sorta third-partied it. Forgot it was "me" in the front of the camera and set up the shot I would want to see if I hired me.

It became a piece of cake.

People asked me how I did it and I explained again and again. 

Then, I started to pay attention to other people's photos online. So many were pretty awful...not looking relevant, dated, cheesy, overdone, or clearly just forgotten how important your visual image is. Some were even awful photos that someone paid a lousy photographer to take.

All these crummy photos simply dilute your brand. No one will listen to you if they turn away.

Sooo, I decided to take everything I know and break it down in the most simple way so anyone can be in control of their image, so anyone can have Simply Amazing Headshots... on their terms.

Anyone can look like a success and be attractive to those they want to attract.

Looking amazing in photos is easy. I'll show you how.

Here's what people are saying... 

"Sharon helped me find the classic look I was going for with my brand. It makes me feel good to be in front of people when I am excited about what I am wearing.Because when you aren't happy about the way you look, you dont want to be in front of anyone."

Amy Morrison Hewel - Health & Lifestyle Expert, AmyHewel.com

"After working with Sharon, I not only can dress in my own taste for my brand, but now I know that I should because it will actually help build my brand - and I get to enjoy my style even more!"

Nicole Isler, Coach for Sensitive Souls + Speaker 

My career is how I can make looking not only great, but on brand, in photos so easy for you...


Sharon Haver: Style Expert + Business Success Strategist for women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Why you should listen to me…

All my tips come from my real world professional experience.

As a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a business degree in Marketing and a graduate of an extensive amount of business and personal development programs and high-level masterminds, my advice is based on how I successfully run my online business since 1999. 

Previously to be being the founder of FocusOnStyle.com, I was a well-known New York fashion stylist on major photo shoots for 15 years, where I styled everything from Vogue covers to advertising campaigns for cheesy products that I made look so good that you would actually want to buy them. .

Empowering everyday women to think like a stylist to confidently dress themselves to shine was a dream so I pitched a syndicated column where my fashion advice was distributed to 400 newspapers each week on the Scripps Howard News Wire. 

No stranger to being media-friendly, I have been featured in hundreds of press outlets as the go-to expert such as Real Simple, CNN.com, Martha Stewart Radio, Oprah.com, ELLE, WeightWatchers.com, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, WebMD, Disney Family.com, Forbes.com, and many more. 

I have even starred in my own national Macy’s TV commercial and headlined in an anthology lifestyle book alongside other writers like President Jimmy Carter and Gloria Steinem.

The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast are conversations with guest experts, celebrities, and thought leaders including Carson Kressley, Alison Levine, and Joan Juliet Buck to help you make your life, business, and style even more amazing in the next week.

Author of StyleWORD, Fashion Quotes For Real Style , the stylist express book for high-impact style and fashion advice that gets to the point. I am creator of The C’est Chic Crash Course, Simply Amazing Headshots, and other personal development programs along with VIP One on One celebrity business brand training for small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs.

I have been my own boss since I left my first “real” job at a press release distribution agency.

My well-seasoned career boils down to getting your message out there from a variety of ways.

I have a love/hate relationship with tech and find running a successful online business just as fabulous as a new pair of shoes or what your font says about you. Most important, I believe that if you do something every day, you do it right.

Helping you and your business get out there is my passion. 

Business is in my blood, style just happens to be my beat.

I speak my truth and go after it, let me lead you to do the same... it's your time to be seen as a stunning success.

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