"STYLE is what makes you stand out from the pack," Sharon Haver, Style Expert

All about style mentor Sharon Haver…

STYLE is what makes you stand out from the pack, Style Mentor Sharon Haver

I’m Sharon Haver, the founder of FocusOnStyle.com, the can-do chic website online since 1999 and YOUR STYLE MENTOR. Prior to FoS, I was a fashion stylist for 15 years and had a newspaper Q&A fashion advice column on the Scripps Howard News Service. I’ve been in the business of making people look gorgeous for 25+ years (the math scares me).

Make the most of what you've got by mastering stylist skills to be the celebrity in your own life. I'll show you how

I help the everyday woman make the most of what she’s got by mastering fashion stylist skills to be the celebrity in her life & empower the style of her personal brand.

It’s not about the latest fad or the biggest budget but look confident and appropriate in the choices you make. Style is what makes you stand out from the pack.

As a fashion stylist, I earned beau coup bucks on photos shoots, exotic locations and working with everything from priceless jewels to glamorizing everyday sweats… I got paid to make the mundane appear so irresistible in a photo that you had to have it….

I was bored to death.

I loved the clothes and the freedom that the lifestyle of the job offered but didn’t connect with models and the fabulosity of it all.

I wanted real women to feel the confidence I felt when I wore something that made me feel great. SO, I pitched my newspaper column and created this website.

Here, women don’t have to feel left out from getting their gorgeous on. It’s not a “we” and “them” mentality. But a YOU are in control of your image way of life. It’s not about hiring a one-off stylist but about being the style mentor to help YOu make the right style decisions in your life, effortlessly,

I’ve got the insight. You reap the beautiful benefits. It’s easy when you know how… let me show you…

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I’ve been featured in a ton of press but I’d rather be the big thought bubble of the style mentor in your head when you have YOUR personal a-ha style moment and your style comes all together in the most flattering way for you.

Sharon Haver IN THE MEDIA…
Sharon Haver IN THE MEDIA…

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