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  • Absolutely Fabulous Special- OMG, sweetie darling, I’m becoming Eddy! Sneak peak

    Or, is Eddy becoming me?

    My favorite show, Absolutely Fabulous, returns with a Christmas special. Bubble is back and Eddy is having issues with updating her blog, or flog. I’d like to hear her take on wanker web developers… I could write a comedy of errors pilot on that!

    Here’s a sneak peek video of the Ab Fab Christmas Special 2011:

    Ya know, that undulated alumninum kitchen cabinet looks a lot like my kitchen…. a bit too-too of art imitating life!

    The sad news, according to Lalate is that the special will not be airing in the US at this time… boohoo.

    Published on December 09, 2011

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