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  • Lady Gaga Goes Biblical on the Back of a Bike in Judas Video

    Controversy aside, the styling is fab!

    Much like Madonna, Lady Gaga knows how to stir up the religion pot.

    To each his own, we’re here to talk about the styling in Gaga’s new "Judas" video that dropped today…

    Maybe we are becoming headpiece addicts, as last week was all about the Royal Wedding tiara. This time it’s about Lady Gaga’s crown… honestly, far less safe than not wearing a helmet when riding shotgun on the back of a motorcycle.

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    Safety issues aside, we’re also fresh from the Alexander McQueen retrospective, so skulls are on our mind as well.

    Then again, back in the "Bad Romance" video there was the chicken or the egg (no, not her Grammy egg) controversy on whether or not Lady Gaga’s influenced the circle lens trend or just picked up on it. Surely, wearing long and wacky nail art, will make some wonder who picked up the prize at the Nail Art Olympics.

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    Lady Gaga has some wacky nail art going on

    Lady Gaga has some wacky nail art going on

    Take a little from here, a lot from there, mix well and the result is VERY Lady Gaga.

    Watch Lady Gaga’s Judas video:



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    Published on May 05, 2011

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