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  • How to accessorize a little black dress… Styling tips to dress-up a strapless party outfit

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    How to accessorize a little black dress… Styling tips to dress-up a strapless party outfit


    How to accessorize a little black dress... Styling tips to dress-up a strapless party outfit

    Q:How to accessorize a little black dress… Styling tips to dress-up a strapless party outfit

    I have a semi-formal party to attend and plan to wear a black strapless party dress. Although it’s a little black dress, I’m not sure what accessories to wear with it. I intend to wear black suede heels with it. Please advise me on how I can complete my look. (Las Vegas, NV)


    Sassy, sexy, stylish, and sensational, the little black strapless dress is! However, on one hand a little black dress is so basic and party chic that you almost can’t go wrong with what you wear with it, but on the hand, the vast amount of styling choices can stymie you into confusion if you don’t commit to your choice in accessories.

    You need to first establish the mood for your dress and then style around it.

    little black dress
    black slingback shoes
    blue purse
    GAP dress
    red pumps
    red lipstick
    chandelier earrings
    black hose
    strapless dress
    gold strappy heels
    Topaz necklace

    Stay in balance with large size accessories and a sturdier shoe or more delicate accessories and more refined shoe. Since the focal point of your entire look is black, add an unexpected shot of color in your accessories. Head-to-toe black is only chic when all the right pieces are well-cut and in harmony with each other, otherwise the look can border on maudlin or boring.

    I’m not sure of the exact style of your LBD other than it’s strapless and black suede shoes, while being very in vogue right now, can weigh down the otherwise bare dress, unless they are suede strappy sandals or a sexy stiletto. When you want to balance a heavier shoe with a bare top, the best way is to fill the “naked” space is by wearing an attention-getting, important necklace, large drop earrings, or a special big night out kind of hairstyle. Note, I said “or”. You never want to pile on too many bold size accessories at one time, and big hair should be considered an accessory.

    strapless bra

    Think of your little black dress as the perfect backdrop to spotlight your very best accent pieces. Try a touch of some top fashion trends and think about wearing evening gloves or a burst of metallic. Cocktail hats are a hot trend, but are more than tricky to wear if you don’t have the knack for it. When in doubt, just ask yourself, “What would Audrey wear?

    Don’t forget a good strapless bra!

    –December 3, 2007

    Published on December 01, 2007

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