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  • Red Lipstick, the 24/7 Face Brightener… Who says a bold lip is limited to the night?

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    Red Lipstick, the 24/7 Face Brightener... Who says a bold lip is limited to the night?

    Q:Red Lipstick, the 24/7 Face Brightener… Who says a bold lip is limited to the night?

    I have been getting mixed advice on this topic that truly affects me. I love red lipstick, the darker shades– mostly brownish reds and burgundy reds that look the best with my coloring compared to any other color–BUT, I have been reading that reds are for night and I should pick something lighter for day.

    I asked a woman at the Elizabeth Arden counter and one at the Estee Lauder counter and they both said it was fine for day because I could pull it off. Is this true? Estee Lauder even picked out a red for me, “Very Red” from their Futurist Line, a brown based red. Am I committing a fashion no-no??? (Arlington, MA)


    Why wimp out with a pale mouth, when you can radiate with red? There are colors that are definitely more happening each season, but common beauty sense should always prevail.

    Read this: Wear what color looks best on you! Make your personal beauty statement and if you want to follow a trend, tweak it to suit you.

    A darker, strong lip happens to be very hot right now, a little more to the purplish plums and reds, rather the fire engine bright. Reddish-browns are the most universally wearable shades. But, the precise shade really depends most on your skin coloring and clothing.

    A darker lip looks more modern and casual when it’s the focal point— that means, play down your eyes and let your lips pop. The lipstick formula is paramount to keep the look strong and simple. A creamy or glossy bold lip is more formal, not to mention messy! Matte, sheer, or a lip stain offer more kissable looking lips, are better for daytime, and provide better staying power.

    –September 6, 2002

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    Published on September 06, 2002

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