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  • Jane Badler, Age-Appropriate Fabulous

    Age Appropriate Fashion, I'll Have What She's Having: Sleek, chic, and sexy at a certain age. Young girls dressed like old ladies. Middle-age woman dressed like young chiquitas. It can get confusing.At a certain point, you may still have the body to wear a bandage micro-mini dress (god bless you) but really should know better….

    Published on February 03, 2011
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  • Put An End to Frumpy Mom Jeans

    “”Put an end to frumpy Mom Jeans. Slimming advice to stay fashionable at any age. Fashion tips to find figure flattering and age appropriate jeans”

    Published on May 02, 2006
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  • Age Defying Style: Age appropriate fashion tips

    Appropriate Style- Dressing age appropriate with panache. Tips to dress for the way you look and be fashionable. People have the smarts and methods to defy age and make the most of what they’ve got to peel off the calendar years to simply look marvelous in a way that is timeless.

    Published on July 27, 2005
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