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  • Beyonce bought this lucite crib and it’s pretty darn fab!

    Vetro Crib

    I can see clearly now, the baby’s here… First time moms always lament over the right crib to buy… I know I drove myself crazy. Cribs, for the most part, are not particularly decor friendly when you live in a modern home. Then there are the cribs that look like prisons with their  safety rails blocking view of the precious one. US magazine reports that Beyonce purchased a lucite Nurseyworks Vetro crib back in November for baby Blue Ivy. The […]

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  • Cynthia Rowley Designer Diapers are the Posh Pampers


    Road to style can be spotty…Another mom note from today that even the Material Girl can’t top.I’m totally mixed on this one. Cynthia Rowley has designed 11 styles of Pampers, including pastels, stripes, madras and ruffles.On one hand, sure why shouldn’t diapers be cute?On the other hand, what about my pet peeve with all those moms, dads, and nannies who let the kid run around with a full load. Gross as that is, a pretty diaper is another excuse to […]

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  • Solving The Baby Shower Dilemma- Smart Choices For Newborn Gifts of Style

    Brian Newborn

      Dear Sharon: I am in desperate need to buy a baby shower gift for a rather savvy fashionable relative. Unfortunately, I am absolutely out of the newborn loop and can’t even begin to figure out what to buy. Should I buy clothing, toys, necessities, or what? Help! – Goo Goo Ga Ga Gift (via Fashion Advice)   Dear Goo Goo Ga Ga Gift: Baby gifts can be rather tricky, sooo many people give what they would like their child to […]

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