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  • Specs Appeal- The New Book Eyewear from Moss Lipow

    Eyewear designer Moss Lipow discovers the history of eyewear from their humble, practical minded beginnings to their meteoric rise as an impression making fashion accessory in his new book Eyewear. As a designer, collector & enthusiast Lipow combines his first-hand knowledge and curated collection of eyewear with an insightful look at the evolution of eyewear…

    Published on November 04, 2011
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  • So 80s…

    So 80s…A bright look at the creatures who ruled the night

    Published on November 06, 2003
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  • The World According To Warhol…

    Andy Warhol’s witty, little ditties The World According To Warhol- Andy Warhol’s witty little ditties on style. “Looking at store windows is great entertainment because you can see these things and be really glad it’s not home filling up your closets and drawers. You never knew in advance if she’d look like a million or…

    Published on January 01, 1998
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