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  • Online Identities Exposed: The Truth About Being Memorable [Video]

    online identity

    Presenting an online identity can be tricky, sure, but there is a way to make it easier on yourself and more enjoyable. Instead of stressing and stressing about ‘looking perfect’ anytime you want you engage with your tribe, just ask yourself one question: is this me? Well, is it? Who is the person you present? Is the Kardashian diva look your thing? Or the fitness guru? Or the queen of casual? Whatever your online persona may be, discover it and […]

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  • Want Stronger Engagement? Try this hack that you have with you right now! [Video]

    Want Stronger Engagement?

    People want to go on your adventures with you — don’t let them down! The world is beautiful. Your environment is a part of who you are – and we want to get to know YOU! Whether it’s your home base, like mine here in NYC, or you’re on vaca – you’ve gotta show off the amazing things you find around you. Not only is it gorgeous, but it makes for more interesting photos and videos. Not that sitting in […]

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  • Switch-A-Roo Time- My online business tools for email newsletters, web hosting, marketing + more…

    I  frequently asked about what online business tools I use for web hosting & email newsletters, marketing, and more. has been online since 1999, so I’ve kissed A LOT of frogs, believe me.  As of this writing we are doing some major switches as we have outgrown what we are presently using and moving on. There are some MAJOR new and amazing things that will be offered down the pike. This is Phase One. We’ve had a Rackspace dedicated server for […]

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