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Want A Secret To Stop Overthinking And Be More EFFECTIVE?

Stop overthinking

Your BEST ideas come in the moment. It's a moment based on years, decades of EXPERIENCE. Today I'll be touching on one one of my best hacks to stop overthinking in its tracks and get your best work out in less time. Give me a "hell yeah" if you ever sat down to create something and spent hours staring at a computer only to spit out the most boring crud in the world!!! OVERTHINKING is a curse that holds [...]


Work From Home Tips To Still Be Productive and Not Feel Caged In …[Video]

Work from home and not feel caged in

How to actually “work” from home... and still keep your independence... I know a lot of us are feeling caged in and out of sorts suddenly working from home.. I've been running an online business since 1999 and even though my office is in my house... and my day isn't much different than it usually is... I'm feeling a bit disoriented too during quarantine. It's funny but for years there are some people who don't take your working from home seriously... Let me know [...]


Bio: Sharon Haver

Sharon Haver: female Entrepreneur, Style Expert, Modern Business Consultant

BIO: Sharon Haver “You do all the ‘work’ or don’t even know where to start but you’re getting buried alive in a sea of samies. “ Female Entrepreneur | Success + Style Expert | Modern Online Business Consultant Sharon Haver knows that positioning is the new currency.  She is is the catalyst to next level female entrepreneurs and modern business owners who realize it takes more than expertise for you and your business to stand out as a personality brand in a [...]


TRACKS: Female Entrepreneurs- Start Here To Help You And You Your Business Get Out There

Female entrepreneur Sharon Haver, Founder CEO FocusOnStyle.com and style expert helping women entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their dream lifestyle business and brand.

Female Entrepreneurs: What’s the first step to shift how you & your business get out there? CHOOSE YOUR BEST TRACK BELOW TO GET STARTED LET’S DO IT TRACKS As a female entrepreneur, small business owner, coach or consultant getting you and and your business out there can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Start here with these resources to help you start or fine tune your personality brand to even more success than you imagined.Want to work with [...]


Sharon Haver – FocusOnStyle.com, A Place To Help Women Entrepreneurs With Modern Business, Authentic Marketing + Personality Branding…Redefined To Suit Your Style.

Sharon Haver- Modern Business for women entrepreneurs

POSITIONINGIS THE NEW CURRENCY Modern Business, Authentic Marketing + Personality Branding… Redefined To Suit Your Style Empowering savvy experts and driven female entrepreneurs become successful lifestyle-based online business owners by creating a personality brand that suits their style, values, and individuality so they don’t get unnoticed in a crowded market YES! I WANT TO GET GOING Hi, I’m Sharon Haver “Style is the fingerprint on EVERYTHING you do that tells the world what is uniquely you. That is why I love helping [...]


The Best and Most Profitable Way To Use Social Media- It’s Not What You Think! [Video]

The Best and Most Profitable Way To Use Social Media- It’s Not What You Think! THE MISSING LINK IN SOCIAL MEDIA is something you see ignored way too often. VIDEO HERE   Think about this: Social media comes into your most personal spaces. You look at your phone at home, in bed, while your passing time, between meetings, while you’re in a waiting room, all the times when you “choose” not to be doing something else or taking in something too seriously. We look for [...]


Don’t Be Afraid To Get Out There! Break The Fear Factor so you can actually scale your brand!

One of the biggest social media strategies I can tell you is: Don't be afraid to get out there (literally)! Bust through the fear factor and be seen to grow your brand. WATCH: 🎈⭐️💵Entrepreneurs: How To Break The Fear Factor so you can actually scale your brand! (and yes, I'm actually on a crowded street after a visit to my PT with The Empire State Building behind me) You wonder, how the heck did getting in FRONT of a camera ever have anything to do [...]


Is your personal brand marketing a snooze fest?

Entrepreneur Friends, This could be the missing ⛓link ⛓to why they're not paying attention to your personal brand marketing! Come along with me to New York's Chelsea Market to find out why and how to stop it. Did you ever think that this could be the very reason your audience is tuning out? This topic came up a few times this week in conversations with entrepreneurs and coaches so I want to make sure it doesn't happen to you. Your content is good. You have expertise for [...]

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