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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Leadership Style To Climb To The Top with Alison Levine, Adventurer + Keynote Speaker


    How to Develop Your Leadership Style- From climbing Everest to what to wear as a keynote speaker, adventurer Alison Levine spills the beans on climbing to the top On this week’s episode of The 7 Days to Amazing Podcast, Alison Levine, Adventurer, Mountaineer & Author, talks about her experiences climbing Mount Everest and how to apply the invaluable leadership + style lessons she has learned along the way.

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] How To Live Like A Parisian Wherever You Are With Richard Nahem of Eye Prefer Paris


    The Paris Experience, No Passport Required! Did you ever wonder what it’s like to live like a Parisian, or enjoy the European lifestyle wherever you may be? Don’t worry, I’ve got the Paris insider dibs on what life in Paris really like, from my bestie! At some point in our lives, most of us dream of what it would be like to live in the most romantic, chic and alluring cities of the world,…

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Money Mindset Expert, LoriAnne Reeves, Sits Down to Unlock what’s behind your “Money Story”


    Is your money story holding you back? If financial baggage is keeping you from abundance and success, this week’s 7 Days to Amazing podcast is a must listen! My guest this week is LoriAnne Reeves, Money Mindset Expert, business strategist, speaker and creator of The CEO Entrepreneur. We all have a money story. These stories are with us from childhood, are shaped by culture and are responsible for how we perceive our entire financial…

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] Feng Shui Tips to Living a Better, More Successful Life with Kathryn Weber, Creator of Red Lotus Letter


     If you are looking for more prosperity and abundance in your life then this week’s 7 Days to Amazing podcast full of actionable feng shui tips is perfect for you! My guest this week is Kathryn Weber, Expert Feng Shui consultant and the creator of the internet’s longest running Feng Shui E-zine, The Red Lotus Letter. Feng Shui (pronounced fung schway) is the Chinese way of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. …

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  • [7 Days to Amazing Podcast] How to Get Happy + Enjoy Your Life with Jackie Ruka: America’s Happyologist, Episode 2


    This week’s episode of  7 Days to Amazing features Jakie Ruka, America’s “Happyologist” and Founder of Get Happy Zone Inc. talks about How to Get Happy + Enjoy Your Life so that you can make your life more amazing in the next week. Listen in as Jackie  scientifically and joyfully educates you to get happy by disrupting the “stress to reach success” mindset in your life and work, so you can shift to an improved world being,…

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  • How to get out of a rut [LIVE video]

    How to get out of a rut

    I decided to do an impromptu Facebook Live on Friday because I keep getting asked about how to get out of a rut. Actually, I wasn’t directly asked. It’s that the real answer to so many little, piecey questions drills deeper than the surface of “what dress to I wear,” “what shoe do I wear,” but rather it’s getting in touch with your core values of what inspires you. Without fully…

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  • Your Personal Style In A Time of Life Transitions

    style in transition

    Top 3 ways to know when to transition your style as you move along in your life It’s been a heady transformative week at my house for sure. My son received early acceptance to his first choice college! I’m beyond thrilled that his hard work paid off and he will have the opportunity to have the advanced education so that my crazy talented kid can live out his dream of becoming a feature…

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  • My 5 steps for getting through holiday madness with ease


    Best Of The Holidays… I thought it would be a good time for a little (life)style motivation.    A time to take ten and nurture ourselves when it seems like there isn’t a slot left on the calendar to even think about it. The end of the year is usually a jam-packed time around here, as it is, I am sure for most of you. Sometimes, I feel like one of my fancy dressed lady ornaments hanging on my tree. […]

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  • How to Plan and What to Wear to a Holiday Party at Home- Impromptu Madness with Sharon Haver and Brad Boles, Episode 18


    Yup, it’s here! Holiday hoopla is at full swing so I decided to create a series of Holiday Review posts and start off with one of my kooky Impromptu Madness videos that Brad and I did together.BTW: These videos are much more off the cuff than the style sessions in my C’est Chic Crash Course. We totally have different ideas on how to best arrange your party. Hear what we have to say & tell me how you get your holiday best […]

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  • Home Style Week! Color Chic- How To Add Color To Your Life- Home, Fashion, and Beauty Tips


    Make this a double header! This week’s summer spotlight is all about home style, and let’s take a look at this episode of FocusOnStyle Talk Radio to celebrate FoS’s 15th Anniversary online. Enjoy! Sharon & Brad open up their homes and share style tips to make color work in your life in a very chic way From runway to your home… adding bold moves of color can be the perfect dramatic change to take you from drab to fab! Before […]

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  • My Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding Recipe


    Food! Yup, we’re talking about yumminess today.  Ok, so what does this have to do with style? A lot. Style is where you find inspiration. Even if it’s what you eat the first thing in the morning. Or, think about serving as a treat– a topping of chocolate shavings and mint leaves anyone? It’s the little goodies that make the big picture that much easier. I have so many exciting and focus driven things on my plate (yes, the pun was […]

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