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  • The Hidden Costs of Speaking vs. Online Marketing? [Video]

    Speaking vs online marketing

    Is Speaking right for you? 🍎to 🍏Let’s get real on speaking to digital. Okay, fess up… are you a little afraid of the online world? Do you think public speaking is a better choice because you’re not that techie? Maaaaybe not so much. Listen as I share some numbers and expenses and where the rewards and targeted results come from. You may be surprised. I meet so many women entrepreneurs and coaches who totally buy into the ‘speaking thing’ without […]

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  • Attraction Marketing: How to align yourself with your best clients [Video]

    We're All Unique. How to Attract Exactly Who You Want to Attract

    If you feel that you are not being magnetic to the kind of clients, followers, and tribe you want, attraction marketing may really help you out. Through the years I’ve heard so small business owners and service providers getting nutty about attraction and making such a big deal over something that is actually pretty simple. Here’s why… Attraction marketing or attraction branding is a really basic premise: Birds of a feather flock together. If you want to be relevant and […]

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  • The top 3 SEO TIPS for beginners…

    seo tips

    Beginner tips to better SEO… If your just starting out, or not really well versed in SEO, I have a few pointers that can really make a difference and help get your name noticed on the web. Incase you haven’t heard the term before, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is what helps you be seen online. Your level of SEO impacts google search and, ultimately, traffic to your website. So here are a few basic rules to follow if you […]

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  • Copywriting Tip: The Difference Between Opened and Closed Loops


    Hire Smart… Time is of the essence when hiring a new intern or virtual assistant. You need to make sure they are a right fit for your and vice versa. One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is putting up with an employee that does not match their business culture or work ethic. Here are a few things to look out for and make the hiring process much easier: Whatever system you use, MAKE SURE there is […]

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  • Women Entrepreneurs: Your Business Coach May Be Keeping Your Broke! [Quick Tips Video]

    business coach thumbnail

    If you are a women entrepreneur and you do not consider this, you will go broke trying! // Become an Insider + Receive your free gift of style: + success so you can stand in your star power: Let’s get real: we live in a visual world. Like it or not, as a women entrepreneur, you are the face of your brand. No matter how much substance, expertise, and experience you have, if you do not pay attention to […]

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