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Your personal brand is what people see BEFORE you get to say a word.⁣

Discover the FocusOnStyle Collection of Personal Branding Tips and Strategies from the blog, podcast, and videos. There’s ton’s of free personal branding advice to get you set in the right direction to scale your business.
It’s so easy to get wrapped up / distracted / overwhelmed with all the “stuff” for your business.⁣ As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, coach, consultant, or anyone who runs their own show we are naturally inclined to want as help as many people as possible and get your business running to do just that.⁣
But something is missing in that train of thought.⁣ Pardon the finger pointing, but what’s missing is YOU!⁣ You as the beautiful, special, smart, and savvy go-getter is the secret sauce that draws your best and most profitable audience to you.⁣
Yet how can that audience be attracted to you when they don’t “know” you?⁣ It comes from creating a magnetic personality brand, and distinguishing yourself from being perceived as a commodity.
For a deeper dive on what people see first, I invite you to join me in becoming an Authentic Superstar so you can scale your most profitable audience by simply being you. The 5-day program is free. Say yes to your authentic personal branding by clicking here.
Enjoy the personal branding tips and strategies in content below!

  • Quick Tip Video: What’s your superpower?

    Quick TIp Template F -inspiration - super power

    We all have one. So, what’s your superpower? If you are at a time in your life for re-invention, you need to get in touch with your inner greatness. Determine what your are good at, what you do best, and what makes you happy. Keep this super power in mind as you begin your next project! You’ll be happy you did. So next time you have a business event you have to dress proud, dress tall, look modern and hold […]

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  • Quick Tip Video: Why showing up in the power of success at a business event matters

    Quick TIp Template F -style - power of success

    As a woman entrepreneur, your first impression is really important as those few seconds become the lasting impression that people remember about you. The way you show up at business events can open up the doors to new deals or leave money on the table. Everything about your look is important – from the way you present yourself, what you wear, your hair, your makeup, your total package. If you want to be perceived as being relevant, as someone who […]

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  • Is it cool to flaunt designer labels as part of your personal business brand?


    Business Style Stylist Advice: How you project yourself as a professional can get tricky. Let’s help this reader see the sides of whether or not it is cool to flaunt designer labels as part of your business brand as some entrepreneurs do.  Dear Sharon: As an entrepreneur and marketing coach, I’m aware of how my fellow online marketers present themselves. I follow a particular woman’s program where she constantly displays photos of herself decked out in every luxury label and […]

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