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  • Mad Fashion on Bravo is pretty darn fabulous

    Geez, the last time I spent an evening on 10th Ave. and West 41st street with Sharon Haver was probably in 1986 when a famous diner sat in that location! Truck drivers, drag queens, and runaways with a dream filled the booths. This time my foraging to the West Side of Manhattan was for the…

    Published on October 05, 2011
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  • Glam Punk Street Style- Make It Personal

    “The suber fab and very incognito laptop case belonged to equally fab and greatly adorned Kristina “KISS” Gress, an accessories designer and assistant to the shoe designer Ruthie Davis at RADesign.Kristina was more than workin’ the rocker warrior fashion trend that’s so hot right now. Even though many of her accessories are right on trend,…

    Published on August 02, 2010
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