The Biggest Branding Mistake That Solopreneurs Make

When you are truly your own boss and wearing many hats, there's one big branding mistake that many solopreneurs make. Good News: It's an easy fix. *true confession* Solopreneurs have all the enviable freedom, right? . Well, kinda WRONG! . That’s what I thought. . I launched my website back when my son was an infant so I could be a stay at home mom AND have my own business. . That was 20 years ago and it started out right. . YET, as my business grew, based on industry [...]


Market Like A Kardashian- It will work for you too!

Market LIke A Kardashion- IT will work for you too! Even if you don't love the Kardashians, you've gotta give them credit for incredible marketing longevity. Strolling around my neighborhood, I couldn't help but keep thinking about an article I read in The New York Times earlier, "Keeping Up With the Kardashian Cash Flow." According to the article, when Kris Jenner pitched the show to Ryan Seacrest, she said, ‘We will be vulnerable. VULNERABILITY and AUTHENTICITY are what draws your audience in. It removes the [...]


Casual outfit for a business conference doesn’t have to be confusing

So many women get confused about finding an outfit to wear to a casual business conference so wanted to share a quick style tip on my way to a mastermind in Miami. 13 hour days go by so quickly when you’re learning and surrounding yourself with A-list peers. If you really want to scale, it’s critical that you invest in your professional development. No man is an island. The more you learn, the more you grow, the more you connect with those who root for [...]


Design Matters: How to pop in your feed so you don’t go unnoticed in your feed [Video]

How to pop so you don’t go unnoticed in your feHow to pop so you don’t go unnoticed in your feed... Yawn, another swipe by! All that hard work doesn’t pay off if nobody notices you. So many business owners are absorbed by their content that they ignore what makes it stand out. Watch to learn why design matters and the key steps to be noticed in your social media feed...ed... Yawn, another swipe by! All that hard work doesn’t pay off if nobody notices you. So [...]


What’s Your Business Growth Plan? [Video]

How Do You Want To Grow Your Business?

Morning musings... How much we decide and commit to scale our business to whatever level is entirely personal. But you need to commit and take action to make whatever it is happen. You also need to show up in a way to attract your best customers, clients, and followers so you can make it possible. Let help you get get you and your brand seen in the right light. Head over to Totally free and your first action step to making it all happen. [...]


Client Attraction: They Like You More! [Video]

Connecting with your tribe: The Bond You Can't Break

Client attraction to connect with your best audience online.... Hola from windy Miami! All that fussing and photo shoots, and you know what? Yeah baby, they like you more! ‘Cause people relate to real people. So it’s pretty obvious that they like you being you more than the fancy images you create. I'll tell you more about this client attraction technique in the video below... [...]


How to be Relevant: My Grandma And Your Brand [Video]

Staying Relevant in Today's Market

Staying  relevant in your business, in your style, and even your outlook can get a little dusty if you let it. We all hold certain memories and certain things dear to our heart. Time goes on and the memory remains. Here’s the thing, the memory is wonderful but in actuality that very thing can grow old and we may never even realize it. Talk a walk with me in Miami in this live video--  let's talk about staying relevant and on top of your [...]

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