[True Confession] What’s in a brand name?


In all honesty I was thinking about changing my instagram handle from @focusonstyle to my name, Sharon Haver.

I started to feel like after 2O years online and having a syndicated newspaper column that went out to 400 papers with that name before it, it was time for change.

Not necessarily just for me…

But because the word “style” seems to REPEL a certain audience and ATTRACT another. (Don’t even get me started about what some people think about real stylists.)

Yet STYLE is your FINGERPRINT in everything you do and how you are perceived.

It’s not just fashion, beauty, home, brand, business, but style is your vibe… your individuality… your essence.


Granted I’m using my MARKETING brain more openly but that’s exactly what fueled the fashion side…

Or back when I wrote PRESS RELEASES for manhole cover epoxy (yup my first paid writing job)… or when I worked in marketing and production at a plastics trade magazine in college… it’s all the same STRATEGIES. Some more glamorous than others.

SEO is also not so glamorous but I stumbled on the importance of authority linking simply  because I had them and was #1 in Google search for fashion expert for 10 years.. not a bad run.

Sooo if I change my Instagram handle, I would lose my back linking, I would lose all the zillion spots I used @focusonstyle. There are NO redirects.

Is it worth it?

I don’t think so.

Would I have used my name NOW if I just started, yes. It wasn’t the trend then.

If you’ve been following me you know how critical AUTHENTICITY is to your brand and your INTEGRITY.

Your name is YOU.

But in some cases your brand name is bigger than you. So make it BROADER… while targeting the same NICHE.

I do miss covering beauty and fashion a bit. I needed a break.

Here’s the thing, when you are the FACE OF YOUR BUSINESS, you are the SUM OF THE WHOLE: your style in every way is the IDENTIFIABLE MARK you leave on the world and how the world perceives you.


So folks, @FocusOnStyle stays.

Sharon Haver is its human force that helps you and your biz stand out in a crowded market.

And that my sweet friend starts with the DECISION people make about you in 1/10th of a second online: your photo.

So click over and join me now at http://AUTHENTICSUPERSTAR.COM where I will lay the foundation you need to create a PERSONALITY BRAND in photos. (It’s free now).

Let me me know YOUR THOUGHTS on names.

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