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  • Client Attraction: When They’re Not Your Raving Fans [Video] 

    Client Attraction_ Why Everyone Doesn’t Have To Really Like You

    When they’re NOT your raving fan…

    Went to a concert last night and it got me thinking what happens when you’re in front of your wrong audience.

    The rest of the audience, just me. I was miserable but not the other 18,000ish people there.

    That’s because they were raving fans and I’d rather escape to record this video for you.

    What’s key to client attraction is that everyone doesn’t have to like you- that’s how you draw a line in the sand to who your best audience is and who they are not.

    It’s a good thing.

    Watch the video and let me know what your favorite music is in the comment.

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    Video Transcription

    click to read full transcription

    – Can you hear me, can you hear me?

    I’m at Madison Square Garden.

    We’re at a concert

    and there’s nine more
    songs on the playlist,

    I’d rather be here with you.


    So, here’s the thing.

    I’m at a concert, Madison
    Square Garden, I don’t know…

    [Hair in my mouth.]
    I don’t know how many
    people are in this venue.

    Thousands, it’s almost a packed house.

    People love this performer,

    I don’t wanna say who.
    [Husband mumbles]
    No, I’m talking to my social friends.

    No, I still have a drink in there.

    – [Husband] Okay.

    – So anyway, here’s the thing, there’s…

    How many people are in
    Madison Square Garden?

    – [Husband] I think the show is 18,000.

    – 18,000, so maybe, what is this, like,


    Anyway, it’s almost sold out,

    this music is literally pulling teeth.

    It’s like somebody is
    taking every nerve…

    And see, my husband’s yawning.

    Every nerve in my body
    and just torturing me.

    It’s horrible, it’s just awful.

    But here’s the thing.

    It’s packed inside!

    There are people standing up,

    can’t find the beat,
    ’cause there isn’t one,

    trying to find the beat and dancing,

    they are having the best
    time of their lives.

    And that’s great, ’cause
    I started thinking,

    when this music was popular
    or some of it, maybe,

    that I kinda knew, I was
    doing different stuff.

    I was a kid on the downtown club scene,

    I was cooler than cool.

    I wouldn’t listen to this.

    I can’t really listen to it now

    ’cause the guy doesn’t even have a voice

    but I’m the only one who’s miserable.

    And that’s the point I
    want you to understand,

    that there’s a pot for every cover.

    It’s all about choice.

    We don’t have to like the same things.

    This guy singing now, he could care less

    if Sharon Haver was
    tortured at his concert,

    because there’s 18, 16,00 other people

    here who are loving it.

    And when you’re going
    out there in your brand

    and you’re going out there in your message

    and you’re thinking that…

    [speaker drowned out by music]
    And you’re thinking that
    someone doesn’t like you

    and you’re thinking that you
    have to please everybody,

    you’re wrong, you’ll find a fan base.

    There are people who will love you,

    you will be like the audience in here.

    They were going crazy for him and not me

    who’s sitting here feeling tortured

    that he’s got a bandana on
    that’s wrecking my nerve,

    that he lost his voice that he barely had,

    that the acoustics are all off,

    that there’s no beat to the music.

    It just sounds like
    something you’d be playing

    in an after hours sports
    bar in I don’t know,

    suburbia in the middle of the night.

    The two songs that I did recognize,

    one was from a commercial
    and the other one

    was that Tom Cruise Risky Business song,

    which was actually very cool,

    and that was because of Tom Cruise.

    The rest of it, those
    were the two upbeat songs.

    Do you hear it?

    [distant music]
    To me, it’s like a cat
    being skinned alive.

    [crowd cheering]
    You hear the crowd?

    He doesn’t care that I’m miserable

    ’cause they’re all happy.

    So, I want you to think about
    that when you go out there

    in your business and remember…

    Be authentic, be you, be real.

    You don’t have to please me,

    you don’t have to please anyone,

    you just have to please yourself

    and your tribe will follow you.

    It’s really that simple.

    Please yourself, be real, be true,

    and your tribe will find you,
    your tribe will follow you.

    Don’t worry about everyone else, okay?

    And see you over at

    Up, up.
    [distant music]
    – [Husband, laughing] Let’s go, we’re
    paying good money for this show.

    – See, we’re paying
    good money for his show.

    Anyway, he can go ahead of me.

    I’ll see you later, but
    just think about that.

    See you at, bye.

    [loud upbeat music]
    [crowd cheering]

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