The Best Way To Promote On Social Media Without Being Salesy? [Video]

What’s the best way you can promote on social media without being salesy?

Celebrity Hack Ahead: Are you afraid to reveal too much personal info or be hardcore selling on social media?

If you are, you’re right on both.

Here’s the thing, people come to social media to be social. So if your feed looks like a classified ad with zero character, no one will pay attention.

Conversely, if you have a bad case of TMI and are over-sharing personal details, if you’re not talking to real friends, no one really cares.

But there is a golden mix!

I started to observe the feeds of celebrities who also have products. People like Bethenny Frankel and Kim Kardashian.

Here’s what I found:

There’s a knack to bringing people with you as being totally real- particularly in Stories.

I’ve always found a significant boost when I take my tribe along with me- it creates some entertainment value and not as boring as being perched in the same spot each time.

And then, every so often pepper in something that you are promoting in a very natural way or in a downright ad.
The key is to bring people along into your life so they are engaged and it elevates the know, like and trust factor.

You see, being authentic is where it’s at right now.

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