What’s Good About Haters… [Video]

We get so worried when we get whackos and haters online.

But the truth is, if you’re not getting some cross dialogue once in a while, you are probably not putting your message out there in the most efficient way.

Watch this video to learn why haters are a good thing and what you should do when they’re not:


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What about when people sound off?

When someone doesn’t like what you say it’s because you struck a nerve with them. That’s a good thing.

It means you are speaking to your niche.

There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate that ends up in agreeing to disagree. However, when it gets nasty, belligerent, offensive or creepy… block and delete.

You don’t need to give whackos or haters a platform on your platform- it’s like the trolls who follow opposing politicians just to spew their hate in the comments.

It really is pointless as they are hating on the wrong audience, one that is already a follower that they are hating on.

There’s pot for every cover out there, it just need to be your matched set.

Additionally, when you write, it may sound as if you are talking to one person (having an ideal customer in mind is a good idea) but you are really speaking to many. So if one person goes on a tangent and takes what you say in a post personally, again you found your niche and they are NOT your people.

I spent 15 years on photoshoots styling everything from Vogue covers to cosmetic launches, department store catalogs, national advertisements and a ton of other print work.

My work or I have been featured in the media nearly 1,000 times. One would think that I’m a pretty good judge of photos and fan of the industry, even though it is subjective.

It’s funny but whenever we get nasty comments from photographers about teaching people to create their own photos as research shows that people relate more to authenticity these days, we look at the accounts of the people raising a ruckus.

They are usually awful photographers defending their turf.

It’s understandable but that’s not the point.

The point is creating and building a bond with a real life personality shot, and that can not be manufactured… because no one has a photographer following them around every time they need a photo.

 It’s just not practical nor is it real.

You are not a corporation (even if you are incorporated), you a person. Corporations are going to great lengths to create what you have- an individual real personality.

If you want to use branding shoots, go ahead 20% of the time. But keep it real the other 80%… especially on social media.

And if you do decide to hire a photographer, make sure they really understand the essence of your brand message and can create a “real” vibe, rather than a staged cheesy shot- it’s not so easy for a run of the mill photographer to master.

People know when something is fake so don’t let that effect their perception of you.

That’s because what’s working now is being authentic.

Letting people see the real you without having to put up a facade means you are doing it right!

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