You Have The Power To Be True To You

I’m going to get frank… does this resonate with you or someone you know??

I’m afraid.

I’m scared.

I’m not worthy.

What if….?

Little stabs against your self worth, little punctures of your strength… inflicted by your own hand.👹

I see so many women coaches, entrepreneurs, business owners— many younger— who have personally taken their own power away.

They’re so afraid to get out there.

So afraid to simply just be themselves that they have paralyzed themselves from ever rising to their goals.💪🏻

Yesterday was a weird juxtaposition…

I was speaking with a women who was traumatized to show up as her brand- full of excuses and fears that she was making herself sick from the emotions involved in hiding.

Hiding behind cheesy photo shoots looking so uncomfortable trying to be someones she’s not.

Hiding behind language because you’re afraid to be balls on the wall real.

Hiding behind style because you’re afraid for someone to actually “see” the true you.

Hiding for a billion different reasons.

Then we had a family night and went to see the @Madonnna #madameX show.

The woman had a bum knee and went on… stronger than ever. Her voice was even more brilliant as it was the focus minus the dancing. The production was poignant, powerful, and present.

It got me thinking what have we done today as a culture to have so many women today living in fear of themselves?😱

Who cares if you fail? You’ll learn from it. It’s not a big deal.

Who cares if someone doesn’t like you. They’re not your people.

Just do it… get out there.. reinvent yourself.🌟

Stand convicted to being the best at being you… where you are today… who you are today.❤️

You have the POWER. Use it. Exploit it. Believe it. Go for it. is opening.

It’s completely free now because I want women to find their strength in showing who you really are… it’s your secret sauce to attracting a bigger audience, stronger brand, and getting out there- fearlessly.

💎Go to and enroll now while it’s my free gift to you.

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